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    hfd55 Guest

    Question THIRD WATCH

    Does anyone else think that Third Watch is kind of forgetting about firefighters. Every show there are plenty ems calls (which are great, I'm not complaining), and plenty of scenes with police officers but firefighters are getting the short end of the stick. Every once and a while they show a fire and even then you do not get to see much of the action. Does anyone else think they should show more firefighting?

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    Chris Deyerle Guest


    Hell yeah brother

    Chris Deyerle

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    fayette dist #1 Guest


    I couldn't agree more I was all pumped up about this new show last year and now they don't show maybe 5 min. of firefighting every 2 weeks.


    Stay safe

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    JD Guest


    Watched the show on 2/1 and all the firefighters did was sit around the station and watch football!!!

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    SRFD3114 Guest


    Yes, They have been light on the firefighting but they did manage to show a scene a couple of weeks ago with a ladder truck pushing a Lincoln Towncar off the apron and out of the way to get to a fire call.

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    Bring on the fire!!!! You want EMS watch ER The ladder and Lincoln was great- lucky me, we saw real fire that night and missed the rest.

    Take care and God bless.


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    guy_in_aus Guest


    I take it from the feedback here that this show is not one of the best for firemen?

    We are just starting to get it here in Australia and I have been looking forward to it because it did show EMS/FIRE/COPS all in one.

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    benson911 Guest


    Other than Johnny and Roy, have there ever been good shows about firemen? Even the movies with firefighters SUCK! Sure, "Backdraft" was fun, but seriously flawed.

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    lets face it , they can only dream of what its like ,there not f/fs and were not actors or directors , they make the show for what they want , who's going to watch and of course ratings !!!!!! . i haven't watched it yet .

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    LHFDstemmy Guest


    I agree. I was ****ed especially this last episode when they were talking about her sleeping with her partner and it got interrupted by a fire call. I wanted them to show the fire call. I stil think the show rocks no matter what they show. The PD and EMS end of it is great and at least the medics are FDNY and not some private company. Looking at the new upcoming episode it looks like there's gonna be a fire rescue so I can't wait till that.

    "ladders don't put out fires! water puts out fires! Engine companies rule!"
    LHFD Sta. 3 E-202

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    Quint1Medic Guest


    I've watched the show a few times, and it's fun, but I can only stretch my willing suspension of disbelief so far-Rookie Medic whines his way into driving, puts the side mirror into the head of a pedestrian, *drives* to the hospital, gets into a fistfight with his partner in the ER parking lot, gets patched up, gets BACK into the driver's seat, and has another accident? In MY world, he'd be filling out paperwork for the next three episodes!

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    Quint1Medic Guest


    ...and practically speaking, it's probably cheaper to sprinkle ketchup on some actor and stick him in a wrecked car than it is to shoot a fire scene...

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    spunk639 Guest


    Maybe the show is based on call volume and that would be Police, EMS, and Fire in that order . There aren't too many fires in reality and the show reflects reality.

    1869 - 1996

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