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    Post Thursday's ER: Stabbing in the ER

    What did you think of Thursday's episode of ER?

    What kind of violence have you experienced or heard of happening in the ER, or even on the scene?


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    As a person who pays the bills by working in a maximum security prison and enjoys the feeling given with my membership is volunteer fire/ems, I am somewhat jaded when it comes to this type of violence. I think that it was very realistically portrayed, and because of the prison work, I could partially see what was coming. I have born unfortunate witness to several suicide attempts, both successful and unsuccessful and found that the amount of blood shown was not to the level as shown by the wounds of Lucy. This ratings cliffhanger definitely has my attention and my vcr is already programmed to record next Thursday's show. This subject is one that I believe, although I have no documentation to prove it is on the rise. This should serve as a warning call to all persons who deal with situations that normally do not have this type of attack.

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