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    KPOLE 1602 Guest

    Question code red

    Is there anyone out there that remembers a show (tv) called code red. I believe it was about a LA county fire company. Also do you know if it is on reruns anywhere.


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    SRFD3114 Guest


    I recall the name of the show, but it was short lived. Only a season or two at the most.

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    Fyrball105 Guest

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    Hey, I remember that show, infact I was begining to think I was the only one that did. I know it had Loane Greene> and I believe you are right about LA county. and I have not found any re-runs. If anybody finds it please tell me..

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    BigBoss Guest


    Hey I remember it

    I believe it was based in the Los Angeles CITY Fire Dept. - Loren Greene was a battalion chief that did a lot of arson investigation. His two sons were also FF's one was played by Andrew Stevens - can not remember who played the other.

    It was in the late 70's I think and lasted maybe only one season if that.

    Here is another one - anyone remember a show in the mid-70's called Firehouse???

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    nsfirechap Guest


    Hey I remember Firehouse!!! It stared Richard Jaekel - great show!!!!


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    Badge174 Guest


    Didn't Adam Rich play a kid in Code Red- an attempt to have kids learn fire safety.

    And how many remember "240 Robert" another Southern California show this time it is the Sheriff's Department to the rescue.
    Joanna Cassidy was the 'chopper pilot (a Hughes 500 - kind of small for the job)
    and and two Deputies in a Bronco as the ground heroes.

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    Muskrat40 Guest


    Hey, I remember "240 Robert"! I was only in fourth grade, but I thought it was the coolest show on TV at that time. But, sorry, old-timers, I don't remember either Firehouse or Code Red.

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    alpha192 Guest


    COD RED - - Battles Stare Galactic for the fire service.

    There was a short lived fire/police/ems program based on a station In Harlem East
    side in the late 70s early 80s. I think I saw an episode on a specialty weekend on TV
    Land a few weeks ago. Had some great old rigs in it. Anybody know the name and
    when it was made?

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    FFShooty Guest


    I've heard some people talk about a show, must have been in the 60's...called Rescue 8.

    I sure would like to find out more on that show...or find a copy of an episode.

    Stay Safe

    Go Right for Sirens and Lights!

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    mark440 Guest


    When I was a younger child in grade school I remeber a show that had a bunch of kids in it and they were like an explorer group of kids. The were bunkered out and rode the due engine and all. Do not know names, places, or anything other than I thinking that was so cool and wanting the local FD to have a program like that.
    I may just be day dreaming again.


    If in doubt - Call us out

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    Brian Dunlap Guest


    Oh Yeah I remember 'Code Red' Now I feel Old... I Think it used to air on ABC Sunday Evenings at 8pm--Thought it was a pretty good show and I believe it was set around 1985 or so...Here is some Code Red Trivia for some of you fans:

    1. What was the Station Number and how was it identified in their Dispatch ?

    2. How Many Pieces did the station contain ?

    3. What other Engine Company was dispatched with the Code Red Station on 'Structure Responses' ?

    4. What was Lorane Green's Battalion Chief ID #

    5. What was the Station Dalmation's Name

    ***Thinking of a few more will try to post them as soon as I think of them*** Also if anyone knows where re-runs of this show can be found let me know

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