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    Alexcr Guest

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    Somebody know: Emergency Rescue : Firefighters game???

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    MacGyver Guest

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    I have the game it was $19.95 at Meijer
    It has some problems you have to download some fixes. From the web site on the CD The 2 programs that run the game on the CD DON'T WORK.
    It is a fun game


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    LHFDstemmy Guest


    The game is similar to SWAT2, for the computer. Its fun but boring after a while. For instance. One level you have to find an arsonist while puting his fires out. It was so tough because there are so many pedestrians, and once you see the guy, you have to find your police cars and get him, and by that time... hes gone. I really didnt enjoy it that much.

    "ladders don't put out fires! water puts out fires! Engine companies rule!"
    LHFD Sta. 3 E-202

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