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    Question Third Watch Finale

    During that hi-rise fire, I couldn't make our most of the communications between the hose team and the Bat. chief about why the water went dry all of a sudden. Anybody hear it more clearly? And for a fire as advanced as it was, there were no signs of vertical or horizontal extension- especially into the room with the patient and paramedics. Oh well. Hollywood for ya.

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    Loss of water was due to a stand pipe failure. Supposedly a supply line was pulled by hand to establish water supply.

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    Did anyone else feel as though that last show sounded familiar? FF shoots FF's. I watched the show more for entertainment but that last one, I think, was distasteful. It sounded a little to close to the tragedy in Memphis. These writers should come up with some original ideas, not something they read in the news.

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    I don't think that the shooter was a firefighter. I think he was a mental case who thought he was one. But hey, what do I know?


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    He was a firefighter that had been fired a year before for 'erratic behavior'. Kim told Jimmy when she went to see him in the hospital.

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    I knew the first time they showed the shooter that something was up with him, but I didn't think he'd do anything like that...

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