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    Post F-150 SuperCrew Comm.

    I would like to know what you all think about the F-150 SuperCrew Commericals. The showing Vol. firefighters going to a call. What is your thoughts on it?

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    this topic has been discussed in depth in a previous forum....it was pretty much put to bed already....I personally like the truck though....dont care for the commercial

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    Well if you happend to look in another fourm area this topic was discussed and what was said about it was not pretty, Basically to sum up what everyone has been saying to it is why on earth whould yopu park a $30,000 truck to close to a burning builidng?. Various junk like that.

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    All I can say is HAHAHA!! that comm. is too unreealistic. For starters, that female should have had her hair up not down her back, the driver, uh when sis her get in his gear. They show the truck way too close to the fire nad where are the pumperrs. They had a hose line but no truck. lol. I like the idea that they are taking the time to point out vol. fire departments, but they should at least make it a bit more realistic. They also threw their gear in to the back of the truck, wouldnt that scratch the paint? And did I see a shovel get tossed in there? I normally dont see too many of those used on a working structure fire. And where were the Air packs? What can I say? They should have been more realistic.

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