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    Angry Disney Does it again...

    Disney does it again on making life so sweet and easy. I was forced to watch IN A HEARTBEAT on the Disney Channel. The little girl I was baby-sitting asked if the job was really that simple and things like that happened…
    Here is some back ground on the show… It is about EMS Explorers who are High School students, Football players, and “ALL AROUND” perfect kids.
    Well there was one part where two of them were having a fight and one got put up against a locker… The girl I was baby sitting looked at me and asked if that had happened to me… I later explained to her that they would be gone because of the liability. Also a scene that got me… One of the “explorer’s” (hate calling them that cause I am on) father was in full arrest and they let her stay there and watch and it only took 2 people to take care of a man in full arrest… it was scary to see them pushing the meds… Let me know if anyone else catches the show… tell me what you think.

    Exploder (don’t know how I got that name)

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    To the Sierra Madre Volunteer Fire Department Explorer, I to saw the show IN a Heart beat, No way would EMS Explorers be allowed to handle or admisnter any meds, One thing is those RAs are ugly that they use get a friehgtliner.

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    That show is loosely based on an Explorer Post(Post 53-to be exact) here in my hometown. Apparently, one of the producers or something has ties to the town. It doesn't do them or others like them any justice. It's ridiculous.

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    IT"S A TV SHOW!!!!!
    It's entertainment
    It's for kids
    Who cares if they push meds
    Who cares if it isn;pt realistic
    can;t any of us use our imagination?

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    E-101 to E-41 you still alive out there, If you are would you meet me on Green 5 Fire Department Profiles here on Firehouse fourms

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    Red face

    People you need to loosen up. When Backdraft came out do you think people got all ticked off because it was not REALISTIC. NO. Who cares? It is for the public to look at and say wow that is pretty cool. My dad is a cop and when Inspector Gadget was on tv he didn't complain because a hat with a helicopter in it was not standard equipment.

    Let me guess you guys didn't find 101 Dalmations entertaining because the dogs could talk and that made it unrealistic.



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