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    Question and the star of our show ....

    Okay ... let's say they're making a TV show or movie about YOUR firehouse: Would it be a drama or a comedy, and what actor or celebrity would you pick to play the part of;

    a) you (the star ... of course)
    b) your spouse or love interest
    c) your Chief, and
    d) your crew.

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    My engine company is nicknamed "F-Troop" so it would be a comedy.

    The Cast:
    eCappy .... Keanu Reeves
    Mrs. eCappy .... Elisabeth Shue
    Chief .... Strom Thurmond
    the crew .... Dennis Miller
    Brian Lamb
    Emeril Lagasse
    Jennifer Anniston
    Ted Kennedy

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    If I made a movie it would be the best of both worlds a mix of comical relief and alos dramatic at times. I would call it Backdraft about two brothers. Wait sracth that I was just informed by my PA (Personal Assistant) that Ron Howarad already used that idea and made it into a movie. Then it would be about Two Paramedics with the LA County FD. What do you mean Jack Webb already took the idea?. Fine it would be about a group of Firefighters who deal with lifes daily struggles. Harrison Ford as Fire Chief John Ryan. The Canyon Springs Fire Department primary focus Fire Station 15, Chracters E-15 Cap Mike Belle, Engineer Mike Stoker so on and so on. It would be a hit hey Mr. Speilberg you out there??.Captain Belle's wife Tailor. Who is based around the actual dpeictions of my current female involvment she would probaly be played by Julianna Margulies from ER. Mike Stoker well played by the real Mike Stoker. Mike Belle Come on give me some names anyone but Brad Pitt, Ben Stiller, I don't know if Tom Cruise would fit his chracter

    Tim Macias
    Engine 101

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    Thumbs up

    Comedy, without a doubt. I think George Carlin should be the Chief. The crew would be Chris Tucker, Frank Perdue, John Goodman, Joely Fisher, and Dick Butkus. Robert deNiro might be okay for my role, but Drew Carey will do. Salma Hayek or Uma Thurman as the better half.

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    Me-Kurt Russel
    Love interest-Anna Kournikova
    Chief-Harrison Ford
    Nicolas Cage
    Jeri Ryan
    Tom Hanks
    Patrick Swayze
    Patrick Stewart
    William Shatner
    Helen Hunt

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