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    Thumbs up Third Watch, 11/20

    I just had to say, tonight's (11/20/2000) episode of "Third Watch" was probably one of the best, if not THE best episode I've seen. It had a mysterious air to it, and the details were gradually revealed throughout the show. I think the cast did a superb job, and the writers deserve just as much credit for coming up with a storyline to develop ALL the characters, not just a select one or two like they had been doing.

    The closing sequence, starting with the car accident, proved to be much like those of "Homicide: Life on the Streets" fame. Seeing a sequence like that makes me glad that the creative talent of "Homicide's" producers and creators did not go to waste.

    Congrats on the good work, TW, and keep it up!

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    I agree 100%. That had to be best one yet, but I have a question.

    Now, I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I wonder if the average "joe" citizen caught the story line of how every deals with the stress and happenings of the job in their own way?
    The reason I ask this, is because I've had dealings with "joe citizen" that has the idea that we go to a call, do what has to be done and that's the end of it. I wish it was that simple! They didn't understand that we take and carry things like that around with us for days/weeks/months and quit possibly for the rest of our lives.

    But I digress, and give a standing ovation to the cast and crew of 3rd Watch for hopefully enlightningalot of people for an excellent show.

    I fight fires because the voices tell me to!

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    I think that you will find that joe citizen has no idea of what we go through, and the different ways we deal with the problems.

    I did watch the show last night and I will have to agree that it was a great show. It took me awhile to figure out what the kids had to do with the show.


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    Do you think the kids were ghosts? Or did they just use the same actors? I think the latter was used. because the crew was picturing the people they had been with in the crash? Does anyone think otherwise?

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    It's possible that they just used the same actors, yes, but if you consider all the other extras we saw, there was no need to reuse the same ones unless there was a purpose.

    Now the debate shifts to whether they were ghosts or not. I suppose we'll never really know for sure - although I may just write NBC and ask. Here's my theory, however:

    We see the actual accident, including the four teens inside the car, while the lead characters are on the beach. The sun is rising. The accident takes place at night. This gives a time reference for the accident - before the beach scene. Now, there's very little debating this.

    The three ideas that I feel illustrate the fact that they are ghosts relate to the tierra, to the girl Sully took home, and to the script. I'm of the personal belief that the paranormal is possible, and things will go to their rightful place. Thus, the tierra found by Kim goes back to the girl to whom it originally belonged. We can see she originally had it in the car accident sequence.

    The second, more circumstantial and also more compelling piece of evidence (should it be true) occurs when Sully drops the girl off at her apartment building. She kisses him on the cheek and walks up towards the building. Sully turns away briefly, then the camera cuts back to the building. The girl is gone. Not outside, not inside. Nor did we hear the door open or shut... Spooky.

    Finally, also a little iffy, but still a valid point, I believe: Throughout the course of the episode, more and more details were revealed. First we see a burning something. Then a burning car. Then we see a recklessly driving car. Then, if theory holds, we see who was inside the car. I think it was planned this way.

    Of course, everyone's entitled to their own opinion! Still gotta say, it was the best episode yet.

    Peace, and stay safe.

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