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    Cool Third Watch question

    O.K. - I just thought of this a couple days ago but haven't had time to post it here till now. I'm really surprised no one has posted it yet anyway.
    (Maybe I'm just wierd. Hmmmm .. check that - already know I'm wierd)

    BUT . . .

    Which Third Watch character do you relate to the most and why ?

    Me - I think if I had to pick just one - it would be Doc. Being the Senior Medic for my squad (and more often than not - the only medic) I am always working with "The New Kid" (which I enjoy doing so no sticks & stones from you new(er) to Fire/EMS folks please).

    Your Turn Folks

    Take Care - Stay Safe

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    ????????, I am going to have to think on that one, I will have to get back to you, I am still pondering your question Here's my quaestion
    If a unit is parker outside of quarters does that make it avialble on the radio, Because it's not in quarters?.

    Tim Macias

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