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    Post Last Night's Third Watch

    So, what did you think?

    I was appalled by the disregard for the officers orders, but I understand the dilemma of "save a life/save our butt". It's our calling to risk life and limb to save others, but I'm not sure I'd want to be in that building. But I know I'd never go in (or stay in) after being ordered out by a white hat. Now, on some depts. I'm sure the white hat would be the last to give an order to evac, when he knew victims were still trapped, but that's not the scenario here. The BC gave the order!

    Oh, well, it's all in the name of drama.

    I was disappointed they didn't show more of the actual rescue. Back in the days of "Emergency", they would have at least showed the K-12!

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    Hey did anyone by any chance tape last nights episode, I had been out and about Pasdaena since 3:45 Yesterday morning and when I got home last night I was all set to watch third watch and fell asleep< Anyone willing to let me baroow a copy of it?

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    It was a rerun from last season. The one with the brother-in-law construction workers trapped, where only one could be saved.

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    Next weeks is another Rerun,

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