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    Post Tonights Third Watch (3/19)

    I'm going to start off by saying that I'm glad they spent some time with the Fire end of it, but I'm upset that they didn't show them talking to Bobby's mom, or his funeral. And speaking of that, I think the wrong Paramedic died, I cannot stand Carlos, they are showing the public a bad image of what a Paramedic should be.

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    OK, one of the paramedics is a sociopath...but then most medics are (just kidding guys).

    What I don't understand is doesn't FDNY have company officers? If Bobby rode on my truck he and I would have a lot of closed door counseling sessions and he'd take a lot of days off....undpaid. I've never seen the Squad 55 Lieutenant...or the Battalion Chief for that matter...give an order. Bobby is super fireman apparently.

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