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    Does anyone remember the TV show 240-Robert???

    Visit www.240-Robert.com for details.

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    Wow, until I visited your website, I had completely forgotten this show! I was an avid watcher of this show. As well as Emergency and Code Red. Fond child hood memories of watching these shows with my Grandfather who was at that time a firefighter. I also remember watching S.W.A.T., Adam-12, Beretta, etc. with my Uncle who was the chief of police in the town I grew up in.

    Thanx for the reminder!!

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    Does anyone know what happened to the original 240-Robert films?

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    Yeah, I remember it. HATED it! Hokey situations, the Sherriffs were ALWAYS the heroes and everyone else was idiots. Fires? The "cops" put out the fires! Rescues? The cops did the rescues! Little Timmy fell in the well? Don't call Lassie, the sherrifs will get him out! Mass casualty? Don't call EMS, just send out 1 sherriff! GOOD GRIEF!

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