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    Question April 16th Third Watch-Inferno

    I am wondering if any one was offended by the references made in this episode to the Worcester incident. In my opinion a tragic incident was made into entertainment. Our brothers didn't loose their lives to become entertainment for Americans. Our brothers deserve more respect than this. What happened there should serve as a learning experience for us. By making this incident entertainment the lessons to be learned have been devalued and the sacrifice they made has been belittled. Our fallen brothers truly deserve a more respectful recognition.

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    I missed the first 30 minutes because of EMT class...however, I wasn't offended by the last 30 minutes. The episode made me remember the incident up in Worcester where 6 of my fellow New Englanders died. To be totally honest, it gave me chills. Afterwards I was wondering if the episode drove home to people just how dangerous our job is or made anyone appreciate the risk we take. If even one person started appreciating the fire service more due to that episode, then I think our fallen brethren would have been proud.

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    I am surprised to read that someone was offended. On the contrary I was impressed by the portrayal. It was moving and I see it as a tribute to our fallen brothers. It gave me the chills.
    Did anyone notice the reference to the radio problem. I suspect that this episode was filmed before FDNY had their recent problems with the new radios.

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    I have been a Firefighter for over 10 years, I have completed almost 4 years of a college degree in broadcasting and worked for a tv station/ production house for 7 years. Our brothers lives and sacrifice was not lessened by this episode of Third Watch. I can tell you I was not offended by the April 16th episode of Third Watch. I was actually quite impressed. Many friends and co-workers have asked "why. . . ?" Why I like fire fighting, entering burning buildings, risking my life. We all know the questions.

    The mind set of a firefighter is an enigma to the general American Populous. Many television shows have been made about police but as for the fire service, only a few have ever emerged and only a couple lasted past their first season. Why is that? It is because it is almost impossible to show the true spirit of a firefighter on the 2 dimensional medium called television. I don't believe Emergency in its lengthy run ever scratched the surface. With the Inferno episode, the producers attempted to scratch that surface. They maid an attempt to let their viewers know why we continue to do what we do, even after a tragedy such as Worcester.

    Keep Safe,
    Alpha 192

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