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Thread: CDL Required

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    Indiana does not require ANY kind of license to drive a firetruck......believe it or not.

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    "IT"S GOOD AND IT WORKS" I am a driver operator and am required to hold a CDL, and take a defensive driving course issued by an approved instructor. Just look at it this way, your on the back of a responding apparattus to an a emergency faceing backwards who would you want behind the wheel other than expirencee ,a driver that has had the proper training and licences

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    In SC you are required to take the Emergency Vehicle Driver Training class given by the SC Fire Academy. When this training has been completed, the Fire Chief "can" put the endorsement on the back of you license.

    At that point your Officers have to check you out in each vehicle and certify that you are able to drive. I believe any person driving a fire vehicle should have continous training and be tested on every response. To many times, once a person has been approved to drive, no one ever says another thing until the wreck happens.

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    I have been reading the replies above and agree that in this day of legal knee-jerking, a CDL is a good idea. North Carolina does not require CDL for fire apparatus. In an all volunteer fire department, how do other departments that require their operators to have CDL's handle that? Does the fire department pay for the physical and the extra cost of the CDL?

    Be Safe!

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