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    Nozlnut133 Guest

    Question Age limits

    I am looking for input on age limits on volunteers driving emergency vehicles

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    Bob Snyder Guest


    Our minimum age for EVOs is 21. The PA vehicle code allows for a minimum EVO age of 18, however our insurer wouldn't cover EVOs that were not full members of the Fire Co. Because we have a Social Quarters with a liquor license, full membership cannot be extended to Engine Crew members under 21 years old.

    To be honest, even if we didn't have the Social Quarters or if our insurer offered to cover 18-20 year olds, we probably wouldn't change the minimum. It seems reasonable to me to want people who are training to drive 12-32 ton vehicles to have at least 5 years of driving experience of some kind first.

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    SFD343 Guest


    The Fire Department that I'm currently a lieutenant on has set the standard that you have to be 18 y/o and have successfully attended EVO training and hold the proper license for apparatus then each station captain has specific training for specific apparatus.


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    Twostix Guest


    Federal driving regulations require a minimum age of 21 to drive a truck in interstate commerce. It is believed that a driver of this age will be just a bit more mature and responsible than one 17 or 18. This is a reasonable line of thought and it is equally appropriate for the fire service.
    Be Safe, Get Home -twostix-

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    dousaems Guest

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    In the two jurisdictions I operate in, 21 is the minimum age for EVOs. Few insurance companies in this area will carry EVOs less than 21 due to the liability. We have seen many fatal accidents involving apparatus in the past 15 years, necessitating this ruling. Many departments require an official EVOC prior to even training on the apparatus, again stating liability issues. It seems to have limited the number of apparatus involved incidents.

    Todd Dousa

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    stvfd88 Guest


    We recently lowered our minimum age requirement to the age of 18, lowered from 21. We are in a college town, and have a lot of responsible members younger in age with lots of experience. Granted, it is handled on an individual basis, but I feel 18 is old enough to handle the rig if proper training and judgement are implemented. Be safe!

    Scott Lambert
    Seminole Trail Volunteer Fire Department

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    Dave Grice Guest


    Both FD's that I work for have the 21y/o min. requirement. I was 20 when I became an EMT and tried to get hired by private ambulance companies while I took fire tests. But a couple of the companies told me their insurance covered only 25y/o and older. Was I ticked! But the day I turned 21, one of the companies called me and said their insurance company lowered the age limit to 21. I was hired the next day. I've been thankful for that change ever since because I would not be where I am today probably!!

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