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    Unhappy Quint Operations

    My fire company has been using quint trucks since 1973 Snorkel. Know we have a Aerialscope since 1995. And we have be have problems with 2 out 3 chiefs and some of other company's in town (This has been going on for my years. We are vol. dept.) saying we are a truck now. At one call we had the we where first on secne the officer and 2 men whent in the house and looked for victems. Then the engine came drop two lines. They whent to the back when they asked for water it took about 3 min.. They my officer told me to drop a line for a crew to use on fire going out a basement window and to protect the exporse. The 2nd enegine drop a 3" supply line to me. Buy the time the tank ran out the had water in the suppply line. Then the boom was need for venting. So setup the truck and a crew form my company whent up. I was pumping and had the boom going. Thay I drop 2 more lines that where used in side the house on the 2nd floor. I don't see what the problem is with the other companys and ther chiefs with or company and the truck. Scine we where able to do all this. Where it would have taken 1 truck & 1 engine to do what the quint can do. I know St. Louis use all quints of different size.

    Any input would be help full. Such as past articles people know of that have been writen on Quint Operations & etc.


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    You could call the City of Richmond, VA FD and ask for a copy of our quint operations manual. The number is (804)646-6663.
    I'm actually not too sure what problem you're having with your chiefs - are they expecting you to be first in on a structure fire without dropping a supply line, just because you have a ladder on top? By the end of the example given, it looks as if you were doing engine work and truck work, anyway...isn't that proof enough for the people that want to pigeonhole you?

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    We have a 1999 65' Pierce Telesquirt on a Dash 2000 chassis. It is awesome. We have had calls were we are the first due and boy it makes all the difference in the world being to operate as both an engine and ladder. Perhaps your chiefs and other companys in the surrounding towns need to realize that your primary job would be that of an engine to make the interior attack, then once there is manpower in the form of other engine companies, you could switch to the ladder mode. It seems like that is what happened, but maybe your officer should be the one to make the decision and let the other companies work around you?

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    Sounds like you need to have a meeting of the minds. Your dept needs to develop an SOP as to what the job of the Truck company is. It sounds like the chiefs in your Dept aren't sure how to use you. As for the Company, its nice to have a pump on the Truck but somebody needs to do the support work. A Truck Company needs to be ready to cut a hole, do S&R, or shoot the wet stuff. But you need to know what your job is as a truck or you are going to have people doing circles.
    Establish procedures, Train, Apply, Review and Critique, Revise the procedures. Then do it all again.
    Just a thought

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