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    Exclamation Pierce All Steer

    Does anybody have any expierience[good or bad] w/Pierce All Steer vehicles? We have recently received 2 big quints[ 105ft stix 65k+ lbs] looking for some feedback

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    http://www.firehouse.com/interactive...ML/000022.html http://www.firehouse.com/interactive.../000022-2.html
    Previous discussion in the forum (two pages long) has two reports on the all-steer system-one good, one bad.
    Hope that's some help

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    hey, contact the Tracy Fire Dept. and the City of Moedest FD in California. Tracy has a new 105' Pierce ALL STEER that is a QUINT and Modesto has the same thing but it's a TRUCK. I've only looked at Tracy fires closely. It's very nice, state of the art and all, BUT, it's HUGE. This thing is a monster, and they run it on medical aides, the all steer capability handles some of the size i would imagine but the engineers seat looks like an airplane cockpit, their are alot of gauges and controls, plus one engineer told me that the rear end can swing out up to 8 feet and they have come very close to taking out several cars. I think that if your gonna spend the money and turning is such an issue, buy a TILLER, so what if it takes 2 guys to operate it, thats four eyes and the tractor operator doesnt have to worry as much about the rear, he can just drive.

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    We have 3 all steers at Bellevue Vol Fire Department. 2 105ft 1750 Quantum quints and a snorkel with Dash2000 1750gpm.
    Please send me your email address and I can give you some more details.
    Send to Andbier@home.com
    We liked the Pierce allsteer so much we bought 2 more. See article in Road & Track on our second quint and Pierce advertisments
    Got to watch the rear end, swings wide in all steer. Taken out some bumpers and cars with it.
    Goes where no other truck can go. Had some major fires where it could crab its way in between 5inch and poorly positioned engines.
    Andy Bierbrauer
    Fire Captain
    Bellevue Fire Department

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