Two years ago we bought a Laverne/Freightliner FL80, five man cab, side mount pumper. The truck has been out of service more than in service. NYDOT would not even pass it to ride on the road. We have received very poor help in correcting the truck. Numerous things were wrong when we got the truck and things are still wrong. The tank was to wide for the body, the front suction rubbed the tire, no coating on wires, front suction would not work, had to replace the drive shaft, etc.. The major concern now is a shimmy from 45-55 MPH. Has anyon e else encountered this problem? Is anyone out there from the City of Chicago Fire Department? I have heard that you have a contract with Lavern. I also hear they are not going by Lavern anymor, they are using a different name. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what we can do to get this problem corrected. We have talked to a lawyer and were pretty much told we have no case, which I can't understand given the fact that of all the things that are wrong with it. Please Help!