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    I have read a lot of good discussion on this thread. Does anyone have a specific response policy, such as St. Louis MO's "quiet dispatch" that they would want to share?

    I am looking to propose a policy at my station and am looking for input/ideas/etc.


    (email: erickenbach@wyopd.org

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    Our department is a 100 member fire/ems organization. We depend heavily on our Duty Oficer (with department vehicle) or officers in POV with radio to get to the scene and make an assessment of the call. This ususally reduces the need to run emergency traffic. Our SOP's reflect the state law of not going over the posted speed limit on any call and proceding with caution through all intersections. All riders are belted in before the apparatus leaves the station and no lights are allowed on POV's. We have had a few fender benders with department vehicles but no injuries have been incurred with these rules. Also the liability of running lights on a POV is a feeding ground for lawyers.

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    It is up to the leadership of the department to review the response procedures and come up with a plan that makes sense. It is also up to the firefighter's to remember the reason we are responding...TO HELP WITH SOMEONE ELSE'S EMERGENCY. We are no good to anyone if we don't get there. And if your leadership choses to endorse the "bat outta hell" response to everything, then it is up to us to make sure we do it safely.

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