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    Question Driver/operational IMFORMATION


    If there's any department that has or is in the progress of setting up SOPs on driving/operation for you're department. Can you help me? What was the source of you're information when you we're setting up the SOP's?

    Thank you!!!


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    Hi Pete,
    I am the Deputy Chief for my dept and I am responsible for the drivers training program.

    In my dept the following is the SOP for drivers and required qualifications;

    1. MUST be 21 and have no motor vehicle
    violations within last 3 years. We
    also run a certified driving record
    before they are approved.
    2. Must be off dept probationary period.
    3. Must complete EVOC before starting drivers
    training. Must also have completed and
    mainatin Haz Mat Operations level.
    4. They must complete the following training
    time on the listed units and in the
    listed order;
    A. Brush Truck- 10 Hours drive time
    B. Ambulances and Medic Unit- 10 hours
    drive time.
    C. Engines (2)- 10 hours drive time and
    10 hours pump time on EACH engine.
    D. Heavy Rescue- 15 Hours drive time.

    After the trainee has completed the required drive/ pump training time, they must take both a comprehensive written and practical test. The testing consists of vehicle knowledge, same as required by CDL, pump operations testing, street locations and knowledge and knowledge of equipment location.

    Prior to an engine trainee being certified, they MUST complete a 16 hour Hydraulics/ Pump Operations course.

    Once a trainee completes the required training and passes the test, he must drive incident free for a minimum of 6 months before he is approved by the Fire Chief and myself before they can advance to the next vehicle.

    My dept runs over 4500 emergencies and we take driving very seriously.

    I know I'll start a fire storm with this one, but anyway, our dept has also taken the stance that we do not recognize CDL as prior training. We make every member, Volunteer and Career to complete our drivers triaing program. This way we know the capabilites, strong and weak areas and the bottomline, if a particular member should even be a driver.

    Hope this helps.


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