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    Residency requirements for either paid or volunteer firefighters, in this day of pagers, automobiles, and more, seem to be an antiqued thing that will not go away. How can city governments guarantee that the firefighter living in the city limits will be, for example, SOBER when the call for off-duty crews comes in? I used to live in Houston, and some of the guys lived as much as 100 miles away, but made it to their 6am start of shift with no problem.

    I can fully see why a union contract in a small department would have the protection of calling off-duty crews before (ex.) neighboring volunteer departments, but there also should be a time limit for off-duty personnel to get there before more companies are called. A firefighter should appreciate that his distance from his station might mean his missing a call, but so does being out of town on vacation.

    City governments should let residency requirements go the way of open cabs and tailboard riding. None are needed in 2000.

    Rick Reed
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    Dave Grice Guest


    To Benson911, YFD911 and other OH FF's,
    I heard about the current bill on the Senate's agenda, I certainly hope they are open-minded enough to change the residency requirement. My city had dropped residency completely during contract negotiations the year before I was hired. Being a ghetto community I was extrememly happy about that. You hear officials say that you are not going to do your job as well as a person that lives in the city the work, but I think that is BS. I love working for my community because of the fire load we get, plus, I just love what we do. Out of 53 members on our dept., maybe 2 actually live within the city. I really hope that it is not an issue for us in the future. Hopefully, as 2000 comes, residency will be a thing of the past for everybody. Take it easy.

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    benson911 Guest


    I researched the Ohio Senate Bill on the State legislative web site and it is now in committee in the house after passing the Senate. The problem is going to be its constitutionality. It may go against the rights of charter cities to set their own laws. I'll keep you posted, or you can look it up yourselves at ...

    Look up Senate bill # 46

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    YFD911 Guest


    To All Ohio Firefighters,

    I spoke to my local senator this afternoon. Senate bill 46 is stalled in committee at this time because there are not enough votes from REPUBLICAN senators. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, have everyone you know put pen to paper and let your local representative know how important this bill is to you. This bill was written as to over rule city charters and any other local govt. So if you live in a area with a city charter it will mean nothing if this bill passes. So the more letters that go in the better. Especially to republican senators.

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    Dave Grice Guest


    I'll get word to all those I know to get going with this. Thanks gor info. about Bill 46.

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    Pizan Guest


    Residency is out of date with Automatic aid and Mutual aid who needs residency. I hate it. We got 5 miles last contract and we are going to abolish with this contract even if we have to go to Arb. The city of Cicero, Illinois just won interest arb over residnecy. The Arbitrator ruled it is not the firefihgters problem to solve economic downfalls of the town by living in it. Also why should our famalies be denied a right that is shared by everyone in the US except those incarcerated in prison. With that type of ruling I don't see how any town in Illinois cannot beat residency. I do beleive that you should be able to live anywhere you want. Especially if your school district is bad or your town has a lot of crime, drugs, and gangs. Why should I have to subject my child to the realities of an economically depressed town. Especially when I can move 15 miles away and have an excellent school district and nice clean town. Also, still provide the same level of care to the community.

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