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    benson911 Guest

    Post B - Jobs? Kids?

    What do you do on your off days, except for those who volunteer? The first question I receive from most people who find out I'm a fireman is "what else do I do?".

    Well, I'm Mr. Mom on my days off. I used to do the private ambulance thing, but that sucks. I also tried sales (portable radios) - that really sucks. The best B-job I found was for my wife to work part-time while I stay home with my children. Not only do my boys and I have a stronger relationship, but I have become a domestic god, too.

    I know, this sounds like I forced my wife to work so I could stay home with the kids, but that's way off. When our second child was born my wife negotiated a part-time position with her employer and they allowed her to work a schedule around mine. It's the best of both worlds; no day care and we both are home more days than we are at work.

    Firefighting is an excellent career, it allows me the time to be the best father my children could ask for. My children are my B and A job.

    Let me know about your B-job and if you have any advice for a member of the domestic god industry.

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    FyredUp Guest


    I also play Mr Mom on some of my days off. The schedule can't be beat for that. We work the California schedule. My wife also works part-time. It is amazing though, after a while the kids just assume you can always be at every function and when you can't.....look out!!

    My part-time job is teaching for the local tech college in their fire training program. The schedule is very flexible, I essentially pick and choose when I want to teach.

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    Hammerhead338 Guest


    I work at our local Chamber of Commerce, this is pay back for leaving there rent free. I have to do all of the grounds keeping, its not a bad deal except now when all the leaves are falling and I have to keep them off the ground. I was working for a pizza co earlyer this year, a good way to learn the city, and see all kinds of wild stuff.

    Joe Decker
    Local 3905

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    Ed Shanks Guest


    I do a little data-entry, and I do a little seasonal work for a neighbor who makes downrigger weights, planer boards and other offshore fishing gear. (ever see a 12-lb sinker?) I do a good bit of motorcycle riding. The missus is employed full-time, too, so I don't have to work a second job. I was Mr. Mom until my youngest hit her teens.

    Isn't it a shame that when people find out you're a firefighter they immediately assume you have to have a second job to make ends meet?

    IAFF 1176

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    Romania Guest


    Teach, write, sleep, play with my puppy, occ. see my girlfriend :-)

    I enjoy my days off, but I must face the facts and get me a new part-time job. I am love teaching and will be doing some more of that, but who knows. I once was a rep for a sporting company, anybody know of someone looking for part-time equipment reps? :-)

    be safe brothers!

    Alan Romania, CEP
    IAFF Local 3449

    My Opinions do not reflect the opnions of the IAFF or Local 3449.

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    E7engineer Guest


    I work for a lawnmower repair shop on my off-duty days. My wife enjoys being a domestic goddess. I have two girls at home that are being homeschooled...My wife likes doing that too. unless there is a math problem, then they'll call me at the station or work for the question.

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    JRESCUE Guest


    We work 12 hour shifts here it doesn't leave much time for other things. I work a 2nd job at a fire and safety buisness just to make ends meet. So my wife can stay home with our 4 children. Plus I also volunteer for the department when I am off duty. Unfortunately it doesn't leave much time for the family which I regret,but I can't find that happy median. My kids wish I was home more as do I. I pray that someday our shifts will change back to 24's.

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    Lieutenant Gonzo Guest


    My department has four groups that work a 10's and 14's with four days off. I have a seasonal auto detailing buisness (March to December) that I do on the side, I write for two local newspapers and teach fire safety in the schools as the Public Fire Education Officer through the Student Awareness of Fire Education (SAFE) program. I have one son, he's 16 now and as tall as I am. He is a talented artist and I am proud of him. Mrs. Lt. Gonzo is an administrative assistant for a company that makes medical devices.

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    Ed Guest


    I have a lawn care business, I do 21 lawns in between 12 and 16 hours depends how it grows. The business is great and I've been doing it for 5 years. The money is good and so is the exercise (although I ride most of the time) My wife takes care of the kids but I have time to see them after I mow. In the Winter I get fat!

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    jrj918 Guest


    on my off day I work as a maechanic at a local gas station.I work from 8-5 and get an hourly wage,but, beginning Jan 1, the station will be changing hands and the garage side of the buisness will be leased by me.I guess you could say that I will be self employed and I just pray that it works out the way I am expecting.

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