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    Unhappy Knobman

    I have sat here for the last few months and listened to you do nothing but put down the volunteer fire service. I'm sorry you feel the way you do, but that is your right. I just wish you would get on with things, and spend your time doing something more constructive. Just for your information, I am both a career and volunteer FF. I have never picked which calls I will respond to, or responded to any calls with alcohol in my system. My dept. (vollie) does not leave our jurisdiction for parades or wet-downs, and we make sure to leave adequate personnel on station (no, it's not a manned station) for county wide meetings. Yes, I do have a dashlight and siren mounted in my personal vehicle, but they are only used when absolutely neccesary. I believe most vollie depts are the same way today. The public will tolerate nothing less. Please vent your anger and distrust elsewhere, and use your time on these forums to support the fire service as a whole, and fix the problems that we can. Thank you for your time.

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    I totally agree with BVFD. You have done nothing but make the gap wider between vollies and Career. In order for the fire service to come together and become one, we have to be able to talk professionally and be adults with our actions.

    If you are so upset with the vollies and do not think you can be professional and adult like, maybe you should seek another profession. Until we as brother and sisters come together, this fire service will always be the last to gain from federal benefits.

    I ask you to tone down your responses! Remember that not all villages, towns, cities, burrows or what ever the case maybe, can afford such paid services. They have to rely on vollies! A fellow brother or sister firefighter.

    Knobman, I know that you must have a really bad situation that has happened to you in the past with Vollies. Leave it in the past and support your fellow firefighters.

    I am a career firefighter!

    Be safe Knobman.........

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    Red face

    I agree with you two as well!.. I am a Safety Coordinator for Shell Chemical, but I am also a Captain with a combo dept. In ten years I have seen more than my fair share of "**** Poor" Firefighters on both sides of the fence! Matter of fact we've had several cycle through ourselves. I can also think of several departments that don't currently operate in a way in which I like, but I don't blame the firefighters for that!

    Being of emergency sevice to a community is hard enough in itself.. why make it harder by holding an attitude or grudges?

    Ya know.. I've met pleanty of "Career FF's" with the big head syndrome that are complete and total @#$holes, but I have yet to think that all career firefighters are that way!.. I'll back you up whether I'm on the clock or not. Just remember it's team work out there that makes the strongest link and without it you have nothing!

    Regaurdless of what your experience with the "vollies" may have been I think it is very wrong to stereotype vollies (or career) as a whole because of one bad one! Take it back to the basics. If you have a problem then be man enough to stand up and voice it in a constructive kind of way! Communication is the key.. you can talk can't you?

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    I have found myself wanting to attack back to some of knobmans posts but did not.I volunteer in my home county with MY department ALL volunteer!!!!!!!!!I drive around 20 miles to work as a career FF/ paramedic in a nearby county.24/48.In April of this year my home department loss to firefighters during fire ground operations cause of Death smoke inhalation and burns.One was a career EMT/ FF.One a volunteer they died together and stayed together,need i say more.Those with views of knobman are few and far between.

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    Wow...creating a forum to attack a fellow poster. If there is a topic that the web team should close..this is the one. I am not taking sides here but come on guys. This is totally absurd.

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    This thread is now closed.

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