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    Cool Firefighter's. We are all family.

    Paid or Volunteer. What does your NFPA certification card say, huh? We are all family, so some of us had better start to act like it. We need to work as a team and not behave like children when Joe Public calls 911.

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    Lt Overmyer
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    Hello Res4que,

    Go to firefighters forum, Look for Wayne Twp. Fire/discussion. by Todd Eberlein.

    A lot easier for me to have you read that, then to re-write it. I think you are correct! I will gladly call you Brother or Sister. Be Safe.

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    Thumbs up

    The only thing needed to be said is "VERY WELL SAID" Res4que...

    People need to stop generally catagorizing.
    Not all career and not all volly's feel the same. We all preform the same job and what the same results!!!!!

    David DeCant
    Originally Mantua,NJ
    Presently Lindenwold,NJ

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    I agree that volunteer and paid are the same job. I'm a Paid firefighter that started as a volunteer, ( Jr firefighter program ). Started at the age of 16, and now I'm 39. the problem I have with volunteers or auxulary firefighters, is when the use the station as a countryclub. don't care to do any training or much else....We have 31 stations in our department, some stations have a excelent volunteer force, while others are not worth shooting. Here volunteers take almost the same amout of training that paid fire fighters have to take. So what's the difference?

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