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    Question Meals at the station

    This applies to all fire stations that are manned 24/7. How many of you eat atleast one meal together (as call volume allows)? All the crews at my station eat together. We usually go out and get breakfast burritos (love being in the southwest!) together in the morning after PT and bring them back to the station (unless we eat out or have training), and then we shop, cook, and eat dinner together. It has come to my attention that many of the other crews around us don't, all of Phoenix does (or the ones that I know of), but many of the other departments don't. I feel that eating together builds the family atm. that is so important to our unique profession. What do you all think?

    Alan Romania, CEP
    IAFF Local 3449

    My Opinions do not reflect the opnions of the IAFF or Local 3449.

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    Lt Overmyer
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    AT our stations, each crew has what is termed the food fund. Every two weeks each person that wants to be on the food fund contributes $25 to it. Usually we take turns in doing the shopping, and usually that shopping is done on your day off. But can be done while on duty. On my shift, I have the chauffer of the engine usually do the cooking, and with our shifts, that is 3 times a week. If the chauffer is on vacation that shift or calls in sick, then I, as the officer pick up the slack and do the cooking for that set. We rotate our chauffers. He/she gets out of doing most of the other duties, so he/she can concentrate on their important job. Yes I do believe this helps brings togetherness between the members. It is a time of sharing and relaxation. Plus if you cook, everyone else has to pitch in and do the dishes, including all the pots and pans that you may have had to use to get the job done.
    We have a kelly day system at our department. We work 24 hour shifts, and it goes like this. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, off 4 days. Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, off 4 days. Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, off 4 days. I think you get the picture. Stay safe.

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    At the station i'm at we normal eat dinner together. Because we are a combination dept. that have part-time firefighters some of them eat with us and some wait to go home to eat with their families. Lunch is a day to day thing. If no one brings in left overs then we have lunch together too. We normally don't go over $8 for both meals.

    Stay Safe Local 3437

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    I also work in the valley of the sun. I'm captain on L-302c on my crew i'm very fortunate in that I have two excellent cooks each morning we all drop 10.00 dollars into a "kitty" prior to lunch we go shopping for our grub then we sit down as a "family" and eat lunch and dinner together the only time this is effeted is if we get kicked out on a call or training schedule interfers. What ever money is left over in the kitty at the end of the month we use to stock our refrigerator. and yes we do have one refrigerator for each shift(you need to keep your eye on those A & B shifters lol)well be safe my brothers and bon apetite

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    In our dept. we eat supper together every shift. On my shift we have two people that do most of the cooking. We go out to the store during the lunch break. We have a shift fund that was started long ago. All food is bought out of this fund then the cost is split between the members eating. We round the cost up, all profit is used to help pay for our yearly shift party. Every Friday my shift works we make homemade pizza, all you can eat for about $3.

    On weekends and holidays we have a rotation and when its your turn you buy the food needed to make breakfast. ( about $25 )

    Stay Safe All and Good Eating!

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    There always has to be someone that is different, and that would be us. On our shift we all bring our own food, the guys at the other station are the other way. They will eat at least 2 meals together but lunch you fend for your self. The only time that we as a shift eat to gether is over the holadays.

    Local 3905

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    We have a "supper club" that you pay $1 to each shift you work. That buys the coffee, condiments, bread, spices and other basics. Meals are usually eaten together with the junior man doing the "store run." Some shifts will eat lunch separately but dinner is almost always a community meal.

    At Holiday time, the surplus in the "supper club" is used to buy the Turkey/Ham/Steak dinner. Also, when you finish your probationary year and after you reach top pay (5 years) you buy your shift dinner. Promotions usually result in a free meal, too.

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    We eat lunch and supper together, The folks on rescue for that shift, goes to the store and gets the lunch and then dinner later. We all chip in, to help pay for it. I agree that eating together, brings you together. Like a family. worked other shifts that fends for yourself. felt like an outsider.
    be safe....

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    ...work the same shift schedule as Lt Overmyer, on C shift like Truck Captain (does B shift ever clean anything over there? ), cook lunch and supper same as E7. We all pitch in 5-6 bucks a shift for chow kitty. Cooking duties usually rotate every shift or every three, although a few crews have found someone they like and so have "permanent" cook. On weekends, lunch is usually a brunch and on holidays most stations host the families. Anyone getting OT springs for ice cream for crew.

    I like the "family thing" too and do think it's one of great things about our job. Like E7, I've been to stations where it's every man for himself and it does feel strange...besides being a pain in the butt to fix a decent meal for one.

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    We do the $5.00 a pay period for the coffee fund that takes care of the basics.(ie. milk, coffee, condiments)For breakfast, someone usually brings in bagel's or bacon & eggs and it's a make your own. Lunch we pick up something from one of the establishments in town. We have some of the best Itallian and Polish deli's in the area. 9 times out of 10, the engine crew and truck crew end up at the same place. For dinner we all sit down together whether we cook or order out.
    Holiday's we go over board, steak & tails, prime rib, roast turkey with all the trimings.

    ~Smooth Bore For The Hard Core~

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    LT trk106
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    We have both lunch and dinner together on our dept. All shifts do the same thing. We rotate the cook days. LT. start the cycle and goes to the next senior FF. Rookie has the last cycle day. We get a food allowance from the city every pay period, but we also kick in when we have to.The only difference is sundays and holidays. Then we make just one meal at noon and fend for youreself for super( left overs).
    And I agree with ledbelly. Those guys on B crew never clean anything.LOL.


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    The mighty 14's is a big house with Eng-14, Truck-3, Unit-3, and Batt-3, that makes 11 people. The way we work is in the morning after we do rig checks we all sit down to breakfast together. Bacon, eggs, buiscuts, gritts (it's a souther thing). After breakfast its housework. We rotate the front and the back between the pumper and the truck. The medic and the emt detailed to the unit are exempt from housework since they run so much. Lunch is hit or miss, and then we usually get together for supper. For us breakfast is the meal that is most important. It brings everybody together right at the start of the shift. It is also a great time for the Lt's and the Chief to lay out the days plan.

    Larry Boothby
    Truck 3 A-shift
    Local 1784

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    At my station and most throughout the city we collect a "hall bill" after every payday which covers the basics, Staple foods(sugar,coffee,tea,), newspaper, extra telephone lines, cable tv. We also collect a food bill for the shift, usually 6 to 8 dollars. we usually have a quick and easy breakfast(oatmeal, pancakes, eggs and bacon), an easy to prepare lunch(sandwinch, chiledogs, fried spam{station favorite}), and then a nice dinner. I do most of the cooking at my station. I enjoy it, I get to have what I like, and it gets me out of having to do other station duties.

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    With 12 guys in my firehouse, we each pay 7 dollars per shift. That gets you pretty much all you can eat for lunch and supper. We take turns cooking so that comes around once every 10 shifts or so. We have a Battalion Chief and his XO in house. They are not in the cooking rotation due to thier dutys and run load. Most of the guys eat breakfast at home, or just eat odds and ends at the firehouse till lunch...

    Be Safe...

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    We usually cook one meal a shift. Usually, it is dinner because lunch is hit or miss. We often cook breakfast but this is also hit or miss.

    We have 11 people at our house (engine, ambulance, and a squad) and most of them cook so we're in luck!

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    at my station and my shift we make and eat breakfast and supper together we decide what to eat,bring it in or go out and buy it,and split the cost. lunch is made sometimes but not always.
    not all stations and all shifts do this.at those it's fend for yourself

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    Ken Hanks
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    My department works 3 days on, 3 off, 3 nights on. Usualy breakfast is cooked every day: egg sandwiches or pancakes, home fries, etc. Dinner is cooked in house at least 1 of the 3 nights. Depends on the shift and who is working. Lunch is almost always takeout or brown bag special.

    I was on the "C" shift until last July. My driver was a chef for 19 years before being hired in the FD. This guy can cook.

    He would not only make the dinner, but he would also insist on preparing the plates before we would eat. Presentation is important. Typical meal would be 4 to 6 dollars. The food (quality and quantity) would be equal to a 20 to 30 dollar meal at a good restrauant.

    Five dollars per person covers coffee, condiments, and supplies. Collected as needed.

    Ken Hanks
    Naugatuck FD
    IAFF L1219

    Connecticut Fire Academy

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    Lieutenant Gonzo
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    On my group in my station, mealtime tends to vary between takeout or cooking in, depends on what is going on during the day. If it seems to be relatively quiet, for example, no inspections scheduled, we will get together and decide what we will have for our meal. We stop by the local supermarket and do the shopping, then divide the cost of the meal between those who are participating. Each shift has its own pantry cabinet for their stuff and takes up a collection on a weekly basis to pay for the coffee, pasta, canned goods and snacks. We also have a kitty set up for those who are working overtime with us, we charge a nominal fee for anything taken from the locker. Most shifts do this to help defray the expenses.

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    I'm a floater (Junior Man) on my shift, so I get to see how each of the 14 stations in my department eat. Most stations have a noon "mess" (which is actually around 11:30, so that we can have an hour nap from noon to 1 LOL!!), where we choose the meal in the morning, get the groceries, and cook it. Some stations only eat together on weekends, and some don't eat together at all. At all stations, we pay monthly "mess" dues, which comes to around $7 or $8. That pays for condiments, newspaper, cable bill, butter, coffee, etc. Depending on the station, your daily meal could run between $3 and $10. Downtown, they spare no expense and eat "BIG" meals like prime rib, turkey and stuffing, etc. Other stations are very frugal and make things that you can use for leftovers. I might get out of mess (I do like the family atmosphere) at the beginning of 2000...the food is soooo good it's making me FAT!!!

    Stay safe....


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