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    Question Stipend for additional duties?

    How many departments offer a stipend, (extra loot) above base salary, for things like 1st responder, EMS, HAZMAT or Confined Space team?
    How much do you get?
    Is this written in your contract?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Lt Overmyer
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    Our department gives additional pay for Paramedics ($2000), Hazmat($1500), Investigators ($500), Water rescue ($500). This pay is called specialty pay. There is one clause to this. You can only get one specialty pay. Which ever specialty you are in that has the highest pay you will receive. Ex.... lets say I am a hazmat tech, an investigator, and on the water rescue team. I would receive the highest pay out of all those 3, which would be the hazmat pay at $1500. Will not go into this any further. Stay safe !!!!!!!

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    In Indy we call it Special Position Pay. I don't know the dollar amounts for all of the positions. (EMT-MEDIC-HAZMAT-DIVERS-TOP WATER-TRENCH RESCUE-FOAM-ROPE RESCUE). If we are in a Firehouse that has more than one speciality, the pay is stacked.

    BE SAFE...

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    In Fairhaven EMT's get a $1500 stipend and First responders/Defid get $250. We are in the process of negotiating to send 8 FF/EMT's to medic school in january 2000 and the Stipend will be around $2500 to 3000, This is all negotiated in our collective barganing agreement

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    Hay man whats up. There are only 5 people who get payed extra for having EMT, they get 25 dollars a pay check. We are having union talks with the city right now about changing that . If it go's through it will include Paramedics, Haz-mat and a few other things.
    Have a good day.

    Local 3905

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    Here department pays $75/mo for EMTB, $225/mo for medic with $50 raise every 4 yr recert to a max (I think) of $325/mo. We also get up to $130/mo for Fire or EMS degree and $30 FF cert pay above basic. In Texas, we don't have FF I, instead it goes Basic-Intermediate-Advanced-Master. No pay for any rescue specialties, hazmat, etc.

    As you can probably guess, starting base salary ain't spectacular but incentive pay helps.

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    Extra pay must be nice - everyone hired after 1986 has to be a paramedic - NO extra pay. The specialty guys get overtime for their training time off duty and for responses off duty, but no "extra" pay.

    Maybe we will revisit this with our next contract.

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    Medics get 10% of FF 1st class for 1999 that equals $440.00. A AA degree gets you 2% of FF 1st BA or above is 4%. Special ops personnel get 2.5% of FF 1st the team leader gets 3.5%. Longevity is 2% after 5 years and 4% after 10 years. All extra pay is based of a percentage of FF 1st class and is per month. All of this is spelled out in our contract.

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    Our departments pays incentives for several skill levels, certifications, or degrees. I am unsure of the exact amounts other than the ones I recieve. Paramedics get $3000 and EMTs get $2000 per year divided into each paycheck. I have a B.A. so I get $75.00 extra a month. The A.S. incentive applies only to the EMS-Paramedic degree or Fire Science degree and it is $150.00 per month (go figure). The hazmat team gets an incentive but I am not sure what it is. As far as certifications, each promotion requires certain skills, i.e. a promotion to Fire Captain requires the FFIII (pre-1992) or the FFII (post 1992), Fire Investigator I, Fire Officer I, and Fire Service Instructor I. The is no incentive for this other than the eligibility to challenge the promotional exam.

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    Special Hazards Pay = 3% of top step FF pay for all uniformed members. This encompasses Haz-Mat, EMS response, etc. Also a night differential ranging from $12 to $15 per member, per week for those working night tours. In lieu of night differential, staff personnel receive an annual $500 stipend. Other additional payments include holiday pay, sick leave incentive, longevity pay, clothing allowance, and college credit payment.

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    We have different pay scales for private, driver, firemedic, lieutant, etc. A top step firemedic makes a little more than a driver and less than a lieutenant. We also have out of rank pay if you ride out of rank. We get 3% for being qualified on 3 or more types of apparatus, and up to 6% for college of any type maxing out at the bachelors. The city will also pay 100% of your college education if you can apply it to your job. We have had medics who have gotten their RN, and we have one private at my station who is getting his masters in public administration, and the city is footing the bill 100%. We also get one bonus day for every 90 days without running late or calling off sick. This can be sold or taken in an emergency. We have vacation, based on years on the job, and sick leave, clothing allowance, holiday pay, and state pay for fire fighting continuing education.

    Larry Boothby
    Truck 3 A-shift
    Local 1784

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    Lieutenant Gonzo
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    We get 2% of base salary for first responder, 5% of base salary for being an EMT. Since all of us are trained first responders, emts actually get 7% of base salary. Educational incentives go by the number of college credits, 3% of base salary for 10 credits and goes up in increments to 10% of base salary for 60 credits. We get a $1000 a year stipend for HazMat. We also get night differenial. Master Firefighter pay kicks in after 10 years of service, it is 5% of base salary. Our clothing allowance is $675 per year, the city pays for our turnout gear.

    There are specialist positions, such as computer systems maintenance, juvenile fire intervention, high angle rescue team, dive team, District 3 HazMat techs and fire education officer. These are paid on an overtime basis.

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