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    Cool Fires in Sprinklered Warehouses

    I work on a DLA Supply Base and most of our structures are warehouses. One warehouse is 1.2 million square feet. We run 1 engine with 4 men and 1 truck with 4 men. Has anyone had fires in sprinklered warehouses that overran the sprinklers? Also fires that shut down the warehouse operations due to damage. We need this information to head off a move to cut us to one company. Thanks for your time.

    Hank Hoffman
    IAFF F-221

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    Braintree MA had one in a Babys-r-us last week-maybe it's in the news archives. 1.5mil in damages, I think.

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    Check with Green Bay, Wi., they had a huge warehouse/pulp mill fire. I don't know the specifics, but it could give you a start.

    Stay Safe...and good luck!

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