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    Question fitness training

    I am looking for info on fitness training geared towards firefighting.At my station we have a small work out room with a limited amount of weights(i.e.Benchpress,dunbells,leglift and hamstring curl bench).
    It's not much but I believe I can get a good work out.The problem is that I am not quite sure of what works best.Besides the usual benchpress.

    Any suggestions?????

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    For an aerobic workout I recommend the Schwinn Air-Dyne Bike. It is an excellent way to work the heart muscle and get a good sweat going. It works the legs and upper body at the same time. We have them in all the stations.

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    I forgot to mention we have them as well. any suggestions on how long and how fast I should ride?

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    You should log onto the Combat Challenge website for fitness training related not only to the challenge but fire suppression activities as well. Read the instruction manuals that come with the equipment as well-our new Schwinn came with an information package that had fitness tips in it.

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    Thanks for the info rescujake !

    Thats something I did'nt think about.I'll ckeck it out.
    We have some guys that compete in the challenge and Im pretty sure they would love for me to join the team.

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    I'm sitting at home and I'll be damned if I can remember but I believe that a government agency put a publication out a few years ago that was very specific about fitness for firefighters. It gave excercises and even times to ride the airdyne for the age of the participant. I'm on my x-mas vacation but when I return I'll find out what publication it is and send it to you. Meanwhile search FEMA and NFA as well as IFSTA its one of those. Good Luck<: ED

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