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    king57 Guest

    Post Vaction bidding

    How do other departments do thier vation bidding? We are about to debate this in our union and I would like some info. on how other Union departments treat vaction bidding and senority.

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    benson911 Guest


    We go through rounds of vacation picks, by seniority until everyone has scheduled. Each round begins with the most senior guy picking his vacation, it must be taken in a single uninterrupted block of time. We are given vacation by the hour, but scheduling time beyond January or February must be done by the day. If you have a compensatory day off, it counts as time off for vacation sheduling. So, you can trade comp. days and extend your vacation, or get vacation during the hard-to-get summer months. Then the next in seniority picks and on down.

    Each round begins with the most senior guy and ends with the rookie. If you have scheduled all the time you want by let's say, the third round, you can pass on all subsequent picks. Usually, only guys with >15 years and a lot of vacation time can pick beyond three rounds anyway.

    After the first round of picks, vacation can be taken by the hour, but still must be an uninterrupted block of time. You can't take off the first 8 hours and the last 8 hours of a day, the time must be consecutive.

    Anytime we have manpower above the minimum and we aren't having mandatory training you can take time off if you have it. You will be charged by the hour.

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    Lieutenant Gonzo Guest


    In my Department, anyone who wants to put in for vacation tours post them on the calendar at Headquarters. After 7 days, the date is locked in. We can also call in a vacation tour prior to the start of the tour. We also have half vacation tours. These can be either day or night, splitting the shift into 5 hour tours for days, 7 hours for nights. You can take either the first or second half of the tour. These work out great if you have a school function, game or class to go to, or if you have plans for the next day and want to get an early start.

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    Hammerhead338 Guest


    My dept is realy easy about vacation. We can only have 2 people off at one time and if there is a opening you can take the day off no matter what your senority is. I will go through the vacation book at the begining of each year and take off the day's that I want off. We talked about vacations in our union meetings and we decided to leave it alown.

    Have a good day and be safe.

    Local 3905

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    Ed Shanks Guest


    This works for each shift:
    First, the Assistant Chief picks what he wants. Then, the most senior man (captains have to wait their turn) picks two "lifts of the pencil." That means he can take two blocks of vacation time - either two individual weeks or two 6-week increments (if he has the time coming) Then the next man in seniority gets two picks, and so on. When the last man picks, the turn starts at the top again and the man with the most seniority who still has time left to pick gets two more picks, and the process continues until there are just individual days left. We pick whole week increments first, then if anyone has individual days left they pick them, again going according to seniority. When vacation is all picked, we get the option of receiving money or FLSA days off. Most of us take the money.

    Since our current staffing is two above minimum manning, we can have two men off at the same time, including the A/C. This allows us to, at least theoretically, not cause overtime by taking vacation.

    IAFF 1176

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    Ledbelly Guest


    Ours is real similar to benson's.

    We accrue hours per pay period (more seniority, more hours) and you can take as many as you have in the 'bank'. (We work the California(?) schedule...3 days out of 5, 24 on-24 off, then 4 days off) Each vacation is picked by seniority, by shift for any 3 shifts you want. 1st round- people over 20 yrs get 3 picks, everyone else 2 picks; subsequent rounds everyone gets 1 pick. Each shift is given a calendar of coming year, vacations are scheduled until we have 4 off every shift, then we start all over (by seniority) for the 5th slot. You stay in as long as you have hours left...or however many vacs you want.
    After this is through, we are allowed to schedule "one-days" from your accumulated sick leave... however this is done on a first-come-first-serve basis. They allow us 2 more people off per shift for 1-days.

    This gives us a max of 7 off any given shift.

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    FFE3BFD Guest


    We pair up companies and pick. Probies under three years get theirs assigned by the B/C.
    As far as seniority amongst firefighters, there is none according to our contract. What the contract does say is "If you can not come to a mutual agreement, vacations will be selected by drawing." 9 times out of 10 it is setteled by some other means other then the drawing, but for the one time it's not, the senior man gets to picks out of the hat first.

    Anyone else do something similar to this?

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    Capt Lee Guest


    Ours is similar to Ledbelly and Benson's, including accrual time. Seniority counts for something. Capt picks on their line, Engineers on theirs and FF's. After each rank in done then who ever is left can go back and fill in any open slots.

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