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    Post working new years eve?

    just wondering how many firefighters have to work on new years eve? what do you think will happen? will the public go crazy? will the computers fail? or will nothing happen at all?
    I have to work that night and I wouldnt trade that night for anything. I dont really see a problem with the computers. but I forsee the residents in my district going nuts(fireprone area).I believe we are going to be busy that night- ALL NIGHT. I will be suprised if we arent.

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    Ed Shanks
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    I'm happy to say that I work Dec. 30 and not again until Jan. 2. By then all the bugs will have been ironed out (I hope!)

    But I did hear where New York City (among other places) are taking preventative measures like welding the sewer lids down and such to keep the morons from wrecking the city. Locally, our Disaster Services people will be in their offices all night, not because they expect any Y2K problems, but because if a branch falls across a wire and someone's electric goes out, they can assure people that it's not the end of the world.

    IAFF 1176

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    Capt Lee
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    I feel the same, the planes will fly, the lights will turn on and off when you move the switch and the cows will make milk. The one variable which ALWAYS keeps us in a job is human nature. That's what worries me. Our Dept is looking to upstaff all rigs and a few reserves Dec 31 and Jan 1. Chief feels that he would rather pay the OT and be there JUST IN CASE then be caught unprepared. We are probably doing 12 on/ 12 off as opposed to our normal 24. Hopefully we'll get to sleep after tooting our horns at midnight without any runs!

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    My shift is working from 5PM on the 31st till 7AM in the 1st. We're probably going home tired. Hopefully the alarm companies have their act together. Luckily my company doesn't have to stand by at a fireworks show like some of the others. They're even using the apparatus floor at HQ for a dance. I guess fire apparatus have their place...but not that night. To all a Happy and safe holiday.

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    we are not adding any additional staffing here, we hope it is quite all nite, if anything we will be running mutual aid to the city dept. that has been the case in the past the first couple of runs for us in the new year were both mutual aid squad calls to marion city. usually at 3am. hope everyone stays safe

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    I'm working New Years Eve also. Our department is pulling in the next shift at 6pm that nite. Going to double the manpower for that night. Plus manning an additional 3 engines.

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    I have to work too but I don't think much will happen. We are a slow city anyway. The city approved 3 extra ff's for that night for 12 total on duty for a city of 20000. What really amazes me is that they converted all systems to dual fuel, so we have 3 big propane tanks outside of the station. We can't take any time off for a week after also. Hope you sleep well , I will.

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    Truck 2
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    Our city is bumping up staffing that night to 27 maning both reserve pumpers. I work New Years eve day and New Years day but I'm off New Years night. The shame of it is the city will leave us run as low as 12 men any other time! Last Saturday night they got a working dwelling at 0200 with 12 men on duty maning 3 engines and 1 truck, the closest truck to the fire was out of sevice due to man power shortage. They had to call in two off duty shifts. I guess they think they know when the red devil will strike! By the way we protect a city of 53,000, 7.2 sq. miles, 12 men don't give you much of a reserve!!!!!!!!

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    i'm glad i'll be working, our group works 6pm til 8 am and i hear we'll have 3 extra pieces working they're calling them "task force rigs "the city is about 250,000 people. i hope we all( firefighters ) eat alot,and have some fun, all you guys working or not be careful and safe, ha, if the computers screwup. i guess we'll have to get along just like they did 100 years ago. .stay safe. rfdginzer @aol.com

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    I work New Years eve, (24) hrs shift. We are manning a third engine that night, we run 2 engines and a truck normally. Our Borough is also manning the EOC (Emergency Operations Center)that night. There will also be extra police on duty in our wild borough. Alleghenty county EOC will be staffed for 4 days that weekend. We are located next to the city of Pittsburgh. I dont expect anything to happen, but if something does and your not prepaired, your chief will have to repond to the questions. Our Union recommended the additional manpower and wanted to know how the borough will provide backup for the on duty personell.(In case the phones/radios do go down) Has any other Union done anything like that?. Lets all be safe and start off the new year to make it a safer year than 1999. Lets also remember our departed brothers & sisters and their families as we close this century.


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    Brian Pratt
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    Our city is activating two reserve eng. Co.s and putting a watchman in all three stations for walk in calls. (IN CASE THE PHONES FAIL) My shift is working 14 hrs. that night and I will be there.

    Be safe

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    Lieutenant Gonzo
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    I am not working New Year's Eve, but our Department's staffing is being increased for the night.

    If the Governor or the City declares a state of emergency, we will be called in and report to our stations for assignment.

    I saw a cartoon on the opinion page of the Boston Globe. It depicted two computers talking to each other. One says "I hear that Humans are not Y2K compatible" the other one asks "bugs, viruses and glitches?"
    the answer is "no.... nutcases, loons and whackos!" For my brothers and sisters who have to work on 31 December 1999, have a safe and quiet evening!

    Take care and be safe...Lt. Gonzo

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