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    Post NFPA Standard 1710

    I would be interested in hearing what career firefighters have to say about the proposed deployment standard, NFPA 1710. What problems do you believe communities will face in funding the staffing and response time components of the standard? Do you feel it's justified to create one standard for career departments and another for volunteer departments and why?

    Let's here from all of you.

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    By the way, anyone who is interested can get copies of the proposals at:
    1710, Career: http://www.nfpa.org/doc_FAQ/1710-p.pdf

    1720, Volunteer:

    Well, looks like something to print out and read tomorrow. But In My Humble Opinion, the fire doesn't care if your vollie or career.
    I find it interesting the career one specifies minimum of 300 gpm, 100 on 1st line, 200 on backup. But vollie doesn't mention water flows. Don't we, at least somewhere, all protect the same kind of buildings and fire loads?

    Hey, it would be tough for a lot of departments irregardless of pay status to meet 1710...but that doesn't mean those standards aren't what we should work for. And whether it means hiring more firefighters or improving volunteer recruiting to get there, that's what we need to do.

    If there is any need to divide the standards, I would say it would be rural vs. urban/suburban than volunteer v. career! Pay doesn't matter...geography and population density does! I don't like regulations that proscribe we must have such and such before doing something...but I don't mind standards that say the best practice is such and such and leave leeway for the Officer-in-Charge to make appropriate decisions when to vary from that standard.

    What's that old quote from the Revolution...United we stand, Divided we fall?


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    Thumbs up

    I had a chance to read NFPA 1710 this week. Up front I like what I saw. I think we would have one standard but it was shot down by the volunteer chiefs. I know the National IAFF Leadership wants this standard and I am behind them 100%. Just my 2 cents.


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    I work for a combo. dept there are four of us full time. We work for a non-profit fire dept. We are not in the state retirement system we don't get any death pay-outs or injury pay-outs other than regular workmans compensation. I protect the same people that everyone else does.
    1710 and 1720 are fantastic but where in the heck is 1715. Why should I get it stuck in my anatomy just because my back up doesn't get a pay check.
    I wouldn't trade most of those guys for anything, many are more dedicated than some paid staff I have worked with. These guys are great and don't get anything but a good feeling after a call.
    The bigest problem is I never know who or how many I am going to get on a call. If I go on a call by myself at O-dark thirty and the lady says "My baby is on the second floor!" What the heck should I do now' I don't know who is comming or when or how they will get there.

    Okay my rambling vent has come to an end!

    Audible Sigh.

    Dan Jenkins
    West Elmira Fire Dept.

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