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    Thumbs down LODD Benefits

    I just read about the pensions for the survivors of the Iowa firefighters killed in the line of duty. This is on the homepage. Compared to what we have here in Massachusetts, all I can say is "they suck". For what it's worth, I just sent an e-mail to the governor of Iowa requesting his help in securing decent benefits for his firefighters. If interested, drop him a note.

    Mike Gentili

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    Lieutenant Gonzo Guest


    Mike, I agree with you. The pensions that they are giving the widows of our brothers who died in the line of duty in Keokuk is an outrage. I'm going to e-mail the Governor of Iowa as soon as I finish this reply!

    If every firefighter who reads the forums would e-mail not only the Governor of Iowa but their own governors as well, we could get the survivors of all our brothers who die in the line of duty decent benefits!

    FYI: I did e-mail Governor Vilsack of Iowa, and on their website today is January 1, 3900!

    Ps: the icon on my posting should have been the frown face or the thumbs down. I hit my usual out of force of habit!
    Take care and be safe...Lt. Gonzo

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