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    Angry media reports about LODD's really anger me

    I my humble opinion, there is no calling more noble than that of a firefighter. As we all know, a line of duty death is a tragic part of the job that we all must realize exists and do our best not to become a statistic. I deeply respect all fallen brothers and sister not because they died but because they did the job knowing the possible outcome everytime ther responded on a run.

    Now for the crux of my post. Media reports really anger me when they report a LODD. To me, the death of a brother or sister FF is saddening enough but, for some reason, the media feels the need to really "sensationalize" (for lack of a word) the death. For example, "he was to celebrate his daughter's birthday when he was relieved the next morning at the fire station" or "at the funeral, his 4 year old son was heard asking 'where's daddy'?" Is the death of a FF so insignificant that it must be "hyped" by the media?

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    When a firefighter or police officer dies in the line of duty, it is a major news story. Public safety personnel are taken for granted by the general public, and when a LODD gets coverage, it may seem to be sensationalized, but the way I see it, the media is showing the people that we are human. It's not hype...it's reality.

    We have to realize that the news media have a job to do, just like we do. We like to avoid the spotlight, but there are times when we have to be in it. Good working relationships with the media are important.

    Take care and be safe...Lt. Gonzo

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    The shame of it is 192 that the general public dosen't give two hoots about us except when they need us! We need all the good media coverage we can get, so many times the only thing you read in the paper is when we'll dealing with our communities at contract time and the city fathers/mothers are telling the public that we aren't nothing but greedy firefighters ripping off the funds of the city. Our government leaders don't even like us most of the time. When Clinton was in Worcester he praised us for the job we do, but he never said he would work to spearhead the FIRE ACT. bill through Congress did he? Just more lip service. It is a shame that LODD's have to happen and it is a much larger shame that we have to try to use it to our advantage be we do.
    Lt. Chuck


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