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    Question Sick leave policy; Good, Bad, or Indifferent?

    My department recently adopted a new policy regarding sick leave. I'm curious what other departments have. Ours came about because a certain percentage abused the policy and a new policy has been implimented. It was negotiated in our union contract and many members are not happy.

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    We get 15 sick days a year. Any sick leave absence of 3 consecutive days or more requires a doctor's note. We have a sick leave buy-back clause in our contract. If you accumulate 90 days, you can sell back 7.
    If you have 110 days, you can sell back 10.
    Presently, we can accumulate 150 sick days.
    Upon retirement, the city will buy back 25% of the sick days you have left. I think that sucks, they should buy back all unused sick leave outright or roll it into your pension.

    There is going to be sick leave abuse, no matter what FD it is. We have a guy that burns them just as fast as he gets them. We don't have a sick leave bank, so God forbid any serious illness or non duty injury.

    Marinevet: what is the policy that the Bridgeport FD institute?

    Take care and be safe...Lt. Gonzo

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    We accrue sick time monthly based on hours worked, usually around 20 hours per month. You can use sick time any time for yourself or your immediate family. Immediate family is defined as you, your spouse, your children and step-children, and your parents. If you're off for your sick family member(s) it is assumed they are so ill they need your constant care or they are in a hospital.

    We have some people with no sick time built up because they use it as soon as they get it. Most of us store up our sick time to the point where you could be away from work on an extended illness without losing benefits and pay. Abuse is common anywhere sick time is available. You can't stop the abuse, but a little peer pressure keeps the abusers from harming your needed sick time benefit.

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    We accrue 15 hrs sick leave a month and it's kept in the "bank" to a max of 46.5 days. (1116 hrs) At that point it rolls over 3:1 to your vacation hours; sick leave goes down 36 hrs to 1080 and you get 12 hrs added to your vacation. We do have the same deal as Lt Gonzo... ya miss 3 consecutive ya better get a Dr's excuse.
    We've always had abusers also...however, we now have a pay-raise-step-schedule that is tied to your (twice) yearly evaluations and one of the categories there concerns sick leave abuse, so there's that to consider. To be honest, I'm not sure how much (if any) sick leave the City will buy back when you retire... they revised the rules the year before I started....

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    In our department, we get 365 sick days a year(which is provided to us thanks to civil service state law.)Our department policy says after the second sick day, a doctors note is required to return to work. If no sick leave is used, the department gives us a $400 bonus at the end of the year. Taking up to 13 hrs results in $200.

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    We build up sick time at the rate or 4.6 hours for every 80 hours worked. I don't know who came up that that formula, but we've had it since I've been here. There is no cap to how much sick time we can accumulate - I've got over 2200 hours built up myself! We can use it for our own or an immediate family member's sickness. When we retire the township will buy back 45%. Sick time is also used when we take time off for funeral leave, although funerals for immediate family don't cause your perfect attendance bonus ($350/year) to suffer. Incidentally, the township will buy back your vacation time for any/all unused vacation time in your last year working. Our vacation time doesn't roll over - you get so much per year, use it or lose it.

    Oh, and we can donate our sick time to another firefighter if he runs out and still can't come back to work. Anyone choosing to donate it fills out a form, and the time is totalled up and goes to the individual indicated. It's his - no strings attached. Unofficially, he can pay you back in the form of covering a shift for you or some such, but he's under no obligation legally to do so.

    We too have a few abusers, but the attitude here is one of "if you squander it, don't expect us to bail you out!" But if a brother is in serious need, we've always taken care of them so far. I ain't giving anyone a day so they can go hunting or sleep off a hangover, tho!

    IAFF 1176

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    We get 21 days a year, we can bank them up to over 1900 hours before we have to give them back to the city. When we retire the city gives us $10.00 a day for what we have banked, I guess you know lots of people get real (sick close to retirement). We have a incentive program not to use sick time, you have to be banked fully to get the total of $350 a year if you haven't used any, $200 if you use 1 day, and $100 if you use 2 days. If your off for a injury you have to have a Dr. excuse or off more than two days sick. All of this is under union contract! We have the same problem with some people useing them as fast as they get them.



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    We have "accrued leave" rather than sick, vacation, etc. We work 48-hour weeks, so we accrue time at 4.8 hours/week. After 5,10,15,20 years of service, the accrual rate increases the equivalent of one 24-shift per year. The time is used for everything...sick, bereavement, vacation, etc. If you are hurt on the job, short-term disability kicks in after 3 days. Long-term after 14 days. It pays about 2/3 of your salary, so you must use accrued time to make up the difference if you want to. (The disability is tax-free). Pros-- can't really be denied use of time...how does anyone know if you are sick, or in Tahiti? Cons-- management finds it tough to administer for the same reason. There are other, related policies about not being able to take off more than three consecutive weeks without Town Manager approval, etc.

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    Our current policy (state law) allows for the accumulation of 20 sick days per year with a maximum of 60 sick days accumulated. For years, if you missed a day of work (24 hours, we work a 24/48), then you only lost one sick day. However, the mayor is changing this based upon case law that if you miss a shift (24 hours) then you lose 3 sick days. How about THAT for a change?

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