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    Question Sick leave banks

    Does your Department or Union Local have a sick leave bank?

    If you do, how is it set up and what criteria is needed to take time from the bank? Who oversees the bank and approves requests for additional sick leave?

    I have been suggesting that a sick leave bank be negotiated into our contract for a long time, but it keeps getting shot down by the majority of the Local's membership because of a couple of individuals who burn time as fast as they get it.

    Take care and be safe...Lt. Gonzo

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    we have a sick leave policy in our IAFF contract. Basically, we have to take days in 12 or 24 hour segments. We get 12 hours accumulation per month. We can accumulate up to 80 24 hour days. We can sell back, upon retirement, 40 days at 50%.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi LT,
    How's it going? In our department we earn 1 1/4 days per month (15 days per year) sick leave. We can accumulate up to 180 days. When a member uses up all his sick leave, personal time, vacation, etc. because of a non service connected illness or injury, he can request donations of sick days through the local union. At that time, a list is posted in all stations stating the members name, date of hire, date and nature of illness or injury, and expected date of return. Other members may then donate up to 5 days from their balance for the member in need. If the member is deemed to be an abuser by his union brothers, he gets few donations. If on the other hand he is legitimate and has not wasted his own days, he can and will be given enough days to carry him for as long as necessary. This policy is part of our collective bargaining agreement with the city and is administered by the union. It works really well for us. I know of no member who has ever gone without a paycheck. We will always take care of our own and their families.

    Mike Gentili

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    Lt. our department doesn't offer a sick leave bank. We recieve 10.6 hours of sick time a month and we do not get paid for our unused sick time. Like everyone else we have those select few that ruin it for everyone by using it as soon as they recieve it. Heck if they would quit bothering the secretary about how much sick time they had maybe they would see an increase in their pay. Instead you get to listen to them complain about evaluations on which they were counted off for missing days.
    be safe


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