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    Post Does your dept.train

    I have posed this question in the training section with no responce,so let me ask all of you.
    Does your dept train ?
    Is it a dept. priority?
    Does the training staff really conduct training?
    How do the guys respond to training?
    In Atlanta training is not a priority,if your assigned to a station that does not have good company officers,your training days are over.Iam proud to say my guys recieve training in some form almost every shift.I hope one day this will change.
    Any feed back would be helpfull.

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    We try to have at least a one hour training every shift. Some days we go out and walk through buildings. Some days we watch a video. You are right training should be a priority!

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    Truck 2
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    Sorry to say NO! We keep up on Red Cross First Aid and CPR to keep our certification. The shame of that is we are not first responders or do we really run any medical calls besides vehicle accidents. We don't have a training facility so we have to make do with parking garages and places like that. The county is in the process of building a state of the art emergency service training facility but it is to far out of our run area for us to use when it is completed ( 5-miles ). No training is one of my pet pieves and it shows on the fire ground!

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    Ed Shanks
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    Red face

    Let's see,

    >Does your department train?

    We're supposed to once per week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. (3 Shifts)

    >Is it a dept. priority?

    Not really. It gets pushed for a while, then forgotten for a while.

    >Does the training staff really conduct training?

    Does showing videos count as training? We don't do much hands-on, especially in the winter. We don't do nearly enough walk-throughs, either, IMO.

    >How do the guys respond to training?

    It varies from person to person, but nobody is very enthusiastic. Probably has something to do with lack of quality drills.

    I realize it's tough to throw water when it's -10 degrees outside, and the plumbing in the pumpers can and does freeze up at times, but the apathy here is growing. My A/C and I had a conversation in the summer of 1998 where I told him we should never lack for places to tour for drill. He asked me for some examples. I gave him a list of 20 or so businesses. Guess how many we've toured? (Hint - if you count on one hand you'll have 4 fingers and a thumb left over!)

    Any more, I just put in my 24 hours and go home. No matter how loud you yell at a deaf person, they still won't hear you.

    IAFF 1176

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    In my department we train every day with Sunday being only a make-up day. Training is a very important priority. Our T.S.O. ( training safety officer) has a monthly calender that shows what the training is for each day. Every month one week is for EMS training ( Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday) paramedic training ( Thursday,Friday,Saturday) is EMT training. We also have a Tower that we get alot of practice at (ie) ladders,live fire, search and rescue, VES, hose leadouts. I have to say we are one of the better trained depts. in our area.

    Stay Safe

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    Our training divison has some type of training lined up for most of the year. Bad part is most of it is EMS training. We run 17,000 calls apporx. 12,000 are EMS runs.
    In my opinion we do EMS just fine. Its FIRE that I believe we need to talk about and train on!!!!!! When we do have training , alot of units get pulled out to run calls.....City does not want to pay O.T. for proper training........BE SAFE.......

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    I posted a similar question in the firefighter forum... was kinda beating around the bush about this subject and am glad to see that you were able to "distill" the topic and refine the BS in my post....

    Station Capts are responsible for conducting 10hrs of training a month for their crews; then about once a month we would have department-wide training at the drill field. Unfortunately, a lot of this got "pencil-whipped". Last year, the Training Dept assigned the monthly topics and then at end of year we all went to drillfield for training that sort of tied all the monthly skills together. (It was a high rise sim this time...) As yet, I haven't seen a similar deal developing this year.... There are numerous complaints about our EMS training; since we also provide EMS, in the past the dept has been fairly good about offering enough hours to keep everyone up to date on their CE. I can't say that has been true for the last 6-9 months. While training is professed to be a priority, I have to wonder how much of one... I have to admit that I am not privy to the Training Dept's schedule though and perhaps more is in the works that I'm not aware of. We are busy with HazWoppers class right now and I realize that's a time consuming/scheduling nightmare. It's all being done on duty because the City refuses to pay OT for anyone to train on their days off.

    As far as the response from FFs... this is what I was hinting at in my post. Some stations stay busy so that scheduling is a problem... and the guys that make 10 or so EMS runs a day aren't really lacking in their skills. Some guys have the FD as their "part-time" job... and their motivation is not real impressive. Some want to train and don't, for whatever reason and some don't want to and never do until "made" to. I am in the unusual position of being a roving Capt, filling in for vacations, sick days etc. I admit to not being as "Hard Corps" as I could even though I do appreciate and value training. I for one, want to feel confident that the FFs with me are able to perform any/all skills necessary... aren't going to "make a mistake" that could jeopardize our safety or commit unsafe acts because of ignorance... know and understand the basic skills/tactics that we're trying to accomplish, etc. So... if I fill in for a Capt for one shift, should we be gone all day practicing lays because Joe Blow is dense enough that he doesn't get it? And here's the can of worms... I KNOW I'm responsible and the short answer to that is "Yes we should"... but what if his regular Capt is aware of Joe's shortcomings and has plans to accomodate them? True, I'm in charge "today", but what about next shift when Joe's Capt is back and wants to do the exact opposite of me? And where should our expectations lie? If Joe can perform basic skills and the rest of his time and energy is devoted to his "other" job/hobby/interest... is that good enough?

    Thanks for letting me rant....
    I'll be watching for other replies

    [This message has been edited by Ledbelly (edited January 26, 2000).]

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    A few more thoughts along the lines of Ed's, Truck 2's and Pompano's posts....

    We are having classes... Hazwopper, START Triage is coming up next month and so are MCI drills for "The Drill" that's coming up this summer @ airport... it just seems like, as Pompano sed, the fire training is glossed over. I was in a meeting the last week and saw that PHTLS, ACLS, AMLS and PALS are all being scheduled... and there's going to be a "few" openings for FD members.(?! That's another story....) Looks like the Training Dept is gonna be busy there, so I have to wonder about the fire training?

    I have to say though, the ARFF training is REALLY gungho. We have 21 ARFF relief personnel (that's 3 shifts worth) and we just DON'T miss getting that training every month. Maybe that has something to do with the "definitely NOT glowing" report we got from the FAA on our last annual inspection. So there's another thought: Will we be forced to endure something like any of the recent tragedies before our fire training gets "serious"? I hope not, though I have to admit I had hoped that the specter of these tragedies might have provoked a renewed interest. Hasn't happened yet though.

    And sure, EMS is our bread and butter, accounts for the majority of our responses and we certainly want to stay informed in that area... but I don't feel we need to keep practicing the things we already do well and frequently.

    From my last post... what it really boils down to is US. I can take "my" crew out and train myself(ourselves)... or I can go along with the status quo. For those that don't have that option, keep pestering the officer who does... I know I would not refuse to do some training if my guys were asking for it. I can always call the next district stations and get with them for some "watertime" at the park, if nothing else. We gotta take care of our own... however that plays out, even if if means not looking to the Training Dept for guidance/instruction.

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    Lt Overmyer
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    Yes our department trains. Our training schedule is set up like this.

    First week of the month is EMS, Second week is Fire, Third week is Haz Mat, Fourth week is what ever the station house wants to do.

    I also try to get at least an hour of training in on a shift other than what the training division have done. If you want to have the best team, you must train together.

    Our department has just recently put the time in to send all of the officers from Sgt. Lt. Capt. BC. through a program to make us all training officer instructors.

    They used the IFSTA sixth edition Fire and Emergency Services Instructor book for the class. So I would say that our department is forging ahead to make our department ready for anything.

    Good luck to you....Stay safe and Stay low.

    Lt. Brett J Overmyer
    Carmel Fire Department
    Carmel, In

    This is my opinion and not the opinions of the Carmel Fire Department.

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    Yes we do train.
    It is a dept. priority as well as a shift priority.
    No the training staff does very little of the training, it more up to the B.C. and company officers.
    Probably 90% of the guys are in favor of training and actively ssek additional traning outside the dept.
    We set aside 2 hours of each shift for training. Weekends we usually do multi-co. ops for 2-3 hours.

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    Thumbs up

    First of all thanks for the replies,any info I can get will help.I was glad to see that alot of guys are still out there training,I wish it was 100%.Please keep the info coming and keep training.


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    Lieutenant Gonzo
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    We do train, but in my opinion we don't do enough of it. We recently had trench rescue training and training with our new thermal imaging cameras. We are scheduled to do confined space training and trench rescue recertification in the spring. We are about to do our annual hazmat recertification, quarterly and annual defibrillator recertification and we get enough ems training, it's the "bread and butter" training that we don't get enough of!

    Take care and be safe...Lt. Gonzo

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    Yes we train. We as the paid staff are required to complete 20 hrs of training per month. The Vols are required to complete 6 hrs. per month. We have dept. drills that are scheduled by each shift 3 times per month for the vols. to attend. We also have a Firefighter I check list that is required for all new vols. these classes are scheduled by the cheif for the entire year and there a 3 times to make up each section. We also get training hours for pre-fire inspection plans that are done with inspections. We also take the Monday, Tues, and Wed. from 10-12 am to have paid staff training. This is conductued by the chief. It is great compaired to what we use to do. We have had this chief for 8 months and have done more in those months than we did in the 3 years pior. Training is vital and good for morale.

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