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    Unhappy Looking For Information ON Hostile Takeovers?

    I am doing some research and I am looking for some information on hostile takovers. Anyone work for a dept that has had this problem or has any experience with it and can provide web links or other information?

    Your help is greatly appreciated!

    Thank You,

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    We had an attempted takeover from two neighboring fire departments a few years ago.
    Their IAFF locals were actively involved although our local wanted to merge with a third department. It was a tough battle and took alot of grass roots effort but we won out. The International was helpless, however the CPF (California) and Pres. Dan Terry helped as much as he could. There is now language at the state level addressing this problem.
    Also, the Oakland Airport FD's union lost a hostile takeover by the city of Oakland. Oakland's union remained nuetral during the process, however, it's members were training during negotiations to completely take over the airport. The airport firefighters lost all seniority, pay and some benefits and had to go through the hiring process and 1.5 years probation to return to their fire station.

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