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    Post thermal imaging how do depts raise money?

    I work at a small dept. in PA. And my boss wants me to find info on how Depts. have raised money for them. And what kind do you have & how do tou like it.

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    We were lucky, a retired gentleman that lives in a large retirement community about 3 miles outside the city purchased a hand held unit for us. He read about them some where and thought it sounded like a good piece of equipment that could save a life. The area he lives in is protected by a volunteer dept. but for some reason he gave it to us! I know most depts. aren't as lucky as we were in this jester of good will. We haven't saved a life with it yet, but it has helped us find pockets of hidden fire several times.


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    If you were a department in New Jersey, the money is appropriated this year for each FD to get a thermal imaging camara. Other than that, as many fund-raisers and public awareness about the benefits of these camaras are the best way to get the money.

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    What has happened in my department is one of our veteran firefighters mother's has pretty much taken on a one woman crusade to help our department get a thermal imager. She has organized something called the Copperas Cove Opry which I understand to be something of a country music stage show. Tomorrow night is the first show; and the way I understand it there will be subsequent shows in the coming months. She has put out flyers, advertised on the local TV access station and written to the local newspaper. I think that it is a great thing what she is doing. I think that if she (along with our help) is able to educate the public about the use of the thermal imager, and the difference it can make....people will be more willing to contribute. I don't know if that will help you at all...but at least know that we know how you feel. Good Luck!

    Shelli P.

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    If you have a local access cable channel try a live fundraising telethon. Every town has talented people (and some who think they are) willing to volunteer for a worthy cause. Have your firefighters ready to run for pledges on the day of the show. With a lot of advertising (probably for free) and some really good organizers you can buy that camera the day after the show. Also hit up the deep pocket industries in town for matching pledges prior to the show.

    Good luck.

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