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    Thumbs up Career development programs

    I recently recieved a copy of the Fairfax Va. Career devlopment program,and have to say it was very impressive.It really allows members to set goals and provides the department a better trained and more organized FireFighter and Officer.
    Iam curious if any one else out there has a program like this,and how it works.I would also like to know what the rank and file think about the program.Any information would be a great help.

    Lt.Todd Edwards/AFD


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    No way, it seems as if the way to do it is to be a local boy and have enough seniority and that is all that counts. Sorry to be so negative but I know that there are departments that WANT people to advance, I just got stuck in one that doesn't.

    Oh ya by the way, the views are mine alone and do not reflect in any way the views of organization or place that I recieve renumeration from for performing a service for.

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    Ed- I understand a little how you feel,but just because a guy has 15 yr's and another 10 yr's , does not always mean the man with more time is better suited for the promotion.The idea behind a development program is to weed out the true dead wieght,and promote the guys who really deserve it and have earned the right to move up. I have seen the buddy system in Atlanta and trust me it never works.
    Thanks for the post though.

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    My department has one that spells out what you as an individual must do to advance, if that's what you desire. I'll email you a Word format copy if you want.

    Local 3133

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