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    Thumbs down Spinning or Wheels, Except when n revevrse.

    Our dept., which already has Public Saftey Officers posing as FF, is attempting to start using volunteers. They are proposing to man 4 stations with vol. Our dept. has 80 paid members, 8 stations plus maybe 20 PSO's serving a city of 60,000 citizens, not including the University and Veterans Adm. hospital/retirement home. A slogan (now a joke) at our dept. was "Up- front and moving ahead". I thought a progressive dept. worked for MORE professionalism. Comments.
    (disregard the lack of spelling and grammar sklls of the author, he's a firefighter.)

    We are members of the IAFF but are not recognized by fire dept. adm. or the city, and our views on issues will not be heard .

    Our "rookie" school is 400 hrs. The vol. will train 3hrs. a month until they meet this standard.

    We perform ems duties from 3 of our 8 staions. 80% of our dept. members are emt's.

    Concerning the media,local papers or tv will seldom report any issue showing the city in a bad light.We live in a Eutopia.

    Many of local 1791 members are reluctant to take action because of job security and internal pressure. Less than half of the dept. members are in the Association.

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    You guys need to figure out what separates you from the volunteers, and capitalize on that. Mount an aggressive PR campaign showing the public how their services will be affected. You'll tick off the politicians, but it sounds like you don't have much to lose at this point. Remember, you're fighting so you can feed and clothe your families.

    IAFF 1176

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    I have a question. Are you union? If so, contact the IAFF, they will be able to give you a lot of support. If your not Union, then this is a good reason to join. They are out to protect the interest of the full time people. Not replace them with volunteers.

    Anything left in the forums is my opinion and does not reflect my department or any organization i belong to.

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    Thumbs down

    It sounds like your community is trying to save money on the backs of the firefighters, eventully looking to eliminate most of them and run a scaled down version of the department, all in the case of saving a few bucks. If this is the case, they are pennywise and dollar foolish and putting your citizens in dire jeopardy!

    There are a few questions to ask the powers that be:

    How much training did the PSO's get for police duties and firefighting? I'm willing to bet that the FF side got the short end!

    What happens to PD coverage when they have to "play firefighter"?

    How will the volunteers be trained, to what level and how will they be integrated into the Department? There are many communites who have a hard time getting volunteers for calls in the daytime or after midnight. How will this affect reponse times?

    Does your FD perform EMS duties? If not, look into it, as it is a vital part of the job. Take your runs stats for the last ten years and analyze them....Has the Department kept pace with the population and new construction?

    Use the print and electronic media to your advantage...they are always looking for news and this travesty the City is trying to pull certainly is newsworthy!

    Numby has excellent advice, if you are an IAFF affiliate, call them and let them know what's going on...they can provide you with a virtual arsenal of facts, figures and studies to support your fight. If you are not union, look into joining. You are fighting a battle not only for your jobs, but for your families as well!

    Take care and be safe...Lt. Gonzo

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    Contact Durham Fire Dept (NC) and Winston Salem Fire (NC). They are former PSO fire departments, they can tell you haow the PSO system worked for them.

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    All I can say is what a sad state of affaires. The city mayor and council of
    Cedar Falls, Iowa hired a guy by the name of Jay Kohl. He tried to start a PSO program in Meridian Township Mich. They ran him out of town because the firefighters got active. It wasent easy. So Cedar Falls couldn't wait to hire him. The Fireman and cops over their did a great job of educating the public. They had that community fired up. Both incumbant council people lost their seat and they elected a different mayor. They are now in the process of seperating the police and fire. As for Jay Kohl, he never lasted two years. He is head of public safety at some university out east.
    During all this they tried to intimidate and harass any firefighter or cop who spoke up! It was pitiful.
    Good Luck

    My views only and not the city I work for

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    Three hours per month? So they'll be training for 134 months before they can work or they get on the job after the first three hours and endanger everyone around them?

    PSO's are bull**** and anyone with more than book knowledge understands that.

    Time to hit the streets and airwaves!

    We got the sh** kicked out of us a few years back with something called proposition 2 1/2
    but we fought like hell anyway. Even some firefighters voted for it, Dopes!

    so hang in and keepus posted.

    Good Luck and be careful out there,EXJAKE:-)

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