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    Lightbulb customer service survey forms

    hey guys!! i need some help i have been asked to search the web for what to put in to a customer service survey form. at this pointi have come up empty handed does anyone out there use them? if so I would appreciate any input n what goes in question wise.
    thank you

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    Our department is just starting to send these forms out with the Bill for EMS service provided. Some of the questions are as follows. Were your needs met in a timely fashion? Was the crew courteous? Was the crews appearance professional? Were your questions answered? Overall how do you rate the service?
    These are not exactly the way they are stated but there are about 15 questions like this. I don't know why the administration is doing this but I really don't care as we have a great service but I really dont like sending them a happiness survey when they get a $500.00 bill that I have no control over.
    By the way this opinion is mine alone and not necessarly the opinion of the city or department that I derive my salary from.

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    Our Union local sends out questionaires to patients we transport. We ask the basics, I.E. Crew appearance, professionalism, etc. We also include space for remarks. We also include a postage paid envelope for returning the survey.

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    I have been researching this myself, and have come up with some forms from the Phoenix Fire Dept. There are a couple of different ones, and styles. The were included in a PDF. Downloadable file from NFPA titled "Strategies for Marketing Your Fire Department, Today and Beyond". If you can't find it let me know, and i'll send them to you.

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