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    Unhappy Fellow Brother Needs Help

    A friend of mine who is a Career Firefighter on an Non-Union Careeer Department is need of our help. He injured his eye off duty with a bungee cord. Well the injury was severe enough that he lost his eye and had a glass eye placed. However he just found out his Career department does not want him back, nor will the Villages Dr. release him for active duty and they will not make concessions for him, no light duty, no bureau psition, etc. He is also a volunteer and just a couple of days ago he advanced a line down a hallway and put out a fire. He has wife and two kids. What I need is ANY information on Career Firefighters with one eye. This is going to be a long fight in a court of law and I want to give my striken brother a chance to do his job, so please help me help him. Thank you!

    Frank Ricci

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    Sorry to hear a Fellow brother got hurt (on or off duty). We had a FF get hurt by a bungee cord that held his trash can lids on at his house. The FF/Emt came back to work and did a great job, the same as before his injury. The dept. and friends helped out with his adjustments few and far.


    P.S. Pizan check your E-mail

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    You should research the ADA website, a Firefighter successfully sued a Dept. in Michigan for not hiring him due to being Monocular. He was awarded a full time position with back pay. Good Luck

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    I read that somewhere in the U.S. that some firefighter/paramedic lost his hand and had a claw. He fought in court and won his job back. So it can be done. They had him do like a bunch of agility test and he beat some of the times of new recruits!
    Check the ADA. Good luck

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