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    Post Protective Station/Duty Uniforms

    I am interested in finding departments that use protective station uniforms (Nomex Flamex etc) for duty personnel.

    We have been using Nomex uniforms for fire combat positions since 1987. We were the first department in NC to use the uniforms and as far as we know the only one that is still using them.

    In an effort to trim budget costs we experimented for a couple of years with cotton golf shirts and pants, but returned to the Nomex traditional style uniform this past year.

    Aside from the protecitve issues we chose the Nomex again because of it's durability. We found that although there is a high initial cost to Nomex, it's durability offsets the cost. Many of our personnel have uniforms that are over 5 yrs old and still look new. The golf shirts and pants faded, shrunk and looked worn in 6 mo. We also found that the traditional style uniform projected a better image of the dept. and made us more recognizable.

    What are your experiences and opinions?

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    For station wear we have been using the same thing as well as fire wear with goog results from each.When it comes to golf shirts for the summer we have been using the Anvil brand with good results and I am sure any other good brand will last also. as far as the pants thou we wear the golf shirts with are regular nomex or firewear pants. Personally my self I will get about 2 years out of a golf shirt and being as we get a clothing allowance every year replacing them is not an issue. after that I reycle them down and wear the older shirts when I do apparatus maintainance and dont worry about wear or stains and change back to a good shirt when done.

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    Here in Atlanta we have been using Nomex uniforms for about 6 years.I still wear uniforms from the first issue.I have found they are extremly durable.
    The only problem we have right now is the department went with Lyons this past two years,and these uniforms are not as well made as the first ones we recieved.The Lyons brand use a single stitch and are not holding up like the old ones.

    I guess you get what you pay for.

    Lt.Todd Edwards/AFD

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