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    Lt Overmyer
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    Lightbulb Career advancement? How does your department prepare you?

    Hello fellow firefighters,

    I need some input! How does your department encourage career advancement? Is there a list of qualifications that one must meet before moving to the next promotional level (ex, lieutenant to captain)? Does your department have a different process or some type of criteria that one must posess for line officers? How about Administration positions, (Fire inspector, EMS Director, Fire prevention, Haz Mat Director)? If your department has such things, please email me.

    I thank you in advance for your responses.

    Let me adjust my question here. Specifically, What does your department require for qualifacations for Administration Jobs (Fire Marshal, Asst. Chief, Chief)? I am looking for things like a college degree, years of experience as line officers, certain state or NFPA requirements.

    Stay Low and Stay Safe,

    Lt. Brett J Overmyer
    Carmel Fire Department
    Carmel, In

    This is my opinion and not the opinions of the Carmel Fire Department.

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    The only thing the city does is it will pay for college education 100% for anything that can be job related. We have had some of our medics get their RN degrees paid for by the city. Right now one of the privates at my station is working on his Masters in public administration and the city is paying for it. We also get up to a 6% incentive pay for college education. As for promotions the only requirments are time in grade except for driver. You must also be qualified on the equiptment you are testing for ie if you test for pumper driver you must be qualified on the pumper, for senior aerial you must be qualified on both the front and the tillermans seat. The E-one 100' rear mount is also a separate test. Other wise thats it.

    Larry Boothby
    Truck 3 A-shift
    Local 1784

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    I wish we had a program. In Atlanta their is no true advancement program.After 5 years of service you can take the Lieutenants exam,and after two years at Lieutenant you can take the Captains exam.
    I feel the biggest problem with this is,if a person can take a test then they can be promoted,it doesent mean their going to be good officers.
    I recently recieved a copy of the Fairfax Va,career development program and it is great.
    It requires firefighters to pass and attend different classes before they can even tak a exam.The same goes for captain and chief as well.This process allows the department to promote only the most qualified personal.
    I hope we go to some type of program in the future.
    Lt.Todd Edwards/AFD

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    We have an ongoing career development program that consists of mandatory and optional programs. We have required certifications that must be obtained and maintained. For example, upon employment or six months after an employee must have Firefighter I certification. Additionally it is strongly recommended to obtain NC Bldg. inspector certification, but for now not req'd.

    The dept pays full college tuition for AAS and BS degrees in Fire Protection or Fire Administration.

    Our three firefigher levels are career ladder positions requiring only firefigher certification, but all officer level positions and apparatus operator positions are competitive application positions. These positions have preferred qualifications which include college degree, instructor certification, Bldg. Code inspector, Leadership/Mgmt training. In the last five years nobody has been promoted without possessing at least one preferred qualification, and the last three captains promoted had college degrees.

    We are in the process of significantly changing our training programs. One area we are addressing is requiring apparatus operators to posess EVO cert. and developing a comprehensive training program for relief drivers. In the past the training has been very loose and varied from shift and company.

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    I don't believe we have any specific criteria for promotion to Admin jobs, other than Trng Chief and EMS Chief must have instructor certifications, at least Assoc. degree, etc. Line promotions involve (like the others' posts) time in grade, advanced cert. as FF (in Tx, something over Basic FF cert, similar to FF1 I'm guessing?) and officer's are required to have the "Officer Developement Course". (aka... Making a Difference class)
    I'm sure the Chief looks at time, experience and education for the Admin jobs....

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    my department requires only that you have been on the job for a minimun of 3 years in order to test for Lt.
    we have a test that is administered by the ohio fire chiefs that we use as a promotional exam....they have a list of materials that the test is taken from, other than paramedic school, they dont pay for nothing, which sucks, they do offer educational leave if it can be job related.

    (these opinions are mine and do not reflect the opinions of my department.)

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    Nothing!! Your on your own here. We have state wide Civil Service Exams. The Dept. is required to post exam dates but that's it. Usually high mark gets the job with a few exceptions because of politics. We go to privatly operated promotional schools on our own time. Even after promotion there is no training for officers, specificly, unless we seek it out and go our selves. The dept. posts academy classes but it's not a requirment.

    Good Luck and be careful out there,EXJAKE:-)

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    Lieutenant Gonzo
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    In our Department, you have to be a firefighter for 5 years before you can take a promotional exam (this is in our contract).
    We are a civil service community,with ranks up to Deputy Chief covered under their statutes, so the State conducts the promotional exams for the ranks of Lieutenant, Captain and Deputy Chief for our community. These are given by the State on a yearly basis. Some conmmunities only hold the promo exams once every two years, our contract states that a continuous list will be maintained, so we have them every year.

    The firefighters who are serious about getting promoted go to one of the exam prep schools to learn how and what to study for the exam. They are the ones that attend classes at the Massachuestts Firefighting Academy, read the trade journals and keep an open mind. After promotion, we send the new Lts. to the Academy's Fire Officer One program as soon as possible.

    When you look at the fire service in general, it is a lot like a store that specializes in lighting...you have your high intensity spotlights (those firefighters and officers with the drive to do well) the chandeliers (those who do a good job but are in it for show), the rough service bulbs (the grunts on the line that love the job and get it done with little or no fanfare and like it that way), regular service bulbs (those who do the job, but you have to keep them motivated so they don't burn out) and the 4 watt night light bulbs (the know it alls, whiners and complainers).

    Which aisle in the lighting store can you found in?
    Take care and stay safe...Lt. Gonzo

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    Dave Grice
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    Our dept. is changing it's ways slowly but surely. In the 1995 union contract it was stated that there would be a 2% differential for a bachelor's degree of any kind, and a 4% increase for an associate of fire science degree. The city also pays up to $400 a year towards college classes that are fire service related. As far as promotionals, you have to be in first grade (three years to first grade) for one year before you are eligible for Lt's test, and you have to be in that officer position for one year before eligibility for higher promotions. Engineer has no test, but in the SOG's it states that a FF must be trained and able to drive by first grade. Because we are a young dept., the chief has been opening up the budget and is encouraging everyone to sign up for classes, both college and at the state academy. Our chief, who has been in position for a little over a year, has really worked hard to move the dept. in a progressive direction.

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    In our Dept, you need a minimum of 10 years to right for Lt.Criteria are posted in advance, passing grade is 70. Once you pass your name goes on a promotional roster for 2 years. Promotiom goes by seniority unless two guys were hired on the same day, then the higher mark goes first. You must be on the promotional roster in order to act in that position. so a Lt will have 2 years experience before he can write for a Captains position

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