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    Question Need Info On Career Path.

    My name is Shawn. I live in California and am in the process of becoming an EMT-B. I will then go to fire academy. I then plan to go to paramedic school about 2 years later. I want to be a fire/rescue medic, or Life Flight crew member. I have applied as an city reserve firefighter. Does anyone know about the different academies in california? How about employment? when should I apply? Is it to soon? I get out of EMT school around may 15th. Does anyone pre-hire? I am willing to relocate!! Just need suggestions!!
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    Lt Overmyer
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    If you are wanting to stay in California, then I suggest you go to the nearest department and question them on what they want in a FF/Medic.

    Any and all schooling is great. It will help you. But seek out those paid departments or what ever life flights you have around and discuss with them on a personal level about what you need to do to become one of them.

    Good luck in your quest to join what I consider to be the best job in the world, a FIREFIGHTER. Keep us posted on how you are doing.....

    Lt. Brett J Overmyer
    Carmel Fire Department

    This is my opinion and not the opinions of the Carmel Fire Department.

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