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    Talking Acting Lieutenant's Pay

    Just wondering how much extra $ do others get for being a acting LT. or station supervisor. It seem's most dept's in my area is $1.25-$1.50 an per hour on top of the base pay. Thanks in advance!

    Stay Safe

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    That would be nice. As a federal firefighter it part of the job to work 1 level higher as a fill in. No extra pay unless you are in the position for 90 days. ( I think the 90 days is right )

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    Our Acting Lt. Pay is the same as the % increase should you get promoted to Lt. For the time you are assigned as Acting Lt. you will receive a Lt.'s wages, 14% more than your hourly wage. Of course, you must have at least 5 years of seniority to even get the acting pay.

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    at my Dept. the rate is $1.00 per hour for each hour, above regular pay, and it goes to the senior FF on the shift that has passed and is on the list for the next lt. position, if no one has passed it goes to the senior FF on duty, who can decline if he wants and then, as has happened it can be the most junior FF on duty.

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    Dave Grice
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    At the beginning of the year, the positions that are open are offered to the senior FF's on each shift. They have to take the position for six months and then rotate out to the next eligible guy. They get regular Lt's pay for the six months. When an acting officer is off on a particular day, then the senior FF on shift gets the chance for "team leader" on the apparatus. They get paid about an extra dollar an hour for the tour of duty. This was ironed out on our last union contract and works out well.

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    Nothing!!!!!! If you ride out of class your paid your regular rate,unless you do it for 28 straight days.Guess how often you get 27 days,but not 28!
    I know there are alot of departments that pay if you ride in a higher position even for an hour.
    My Captain has to ride the chiefs car,I ride as the captain,and then another firefighter has to ride as Lt,and yet another ends up as driver.More responsibility,same pay.

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    we ge about $4 a day, the difference between Lt pay and 2nd yr ff pay(only two pay levels for FF). Given out by seniority and if a guy wants to move or not. I could be riding the 4th on our rescue 1 night and the next be the captain on another co. Just depends on the whims of the more senior guys above me.

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    In our current contract nothing, but our new one if settled will read. Any personnel acting out of rank will recieve a $50.00 Stipened per shift when acting out of rank. This makes easy for everyone. There is no limit to the shifts that you recieve this.
    You act up for 365 days, you'll get a $50.00 Stipened.

    Frank Ricci

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    In the BCoFD, Lt.'s are the only ones to act as Co. commanders or Captains. We have no acting Lt. However, all higher class positions recieve 1 grade higher class pay (about 5%) except personnel who act as road Dr.s they recieve 2 grades. So, if a FF acts as a driver he/she gets 1 step for the time worked, ect.

    Michael R. Rehfeld
    Baltimore County, Maryland
    IAFF Local 1311

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    Our contract states: "If any member of the barganing unit works in a higher grade he/she shall recieve the lowest rate of the higher grade".
    If they stay in the grade long enough they can get the next step as if permanent.


    Good Luck and be careful out there,EXJAKE:-)

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    Capt Lee
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    Our Dept requires that you have completed a cadre book, which pretty much shows that you've walked through the job functions, been signed off by the shift BC and are awaiting the next promotional exam. If you 'bump up' you get 5% for the shift. We have this cadre system for FF to Engineer/ Driver and Eng/ to Captain. Works good in that you get to be in the seat and have a little experience before exams.

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    In our Dept., the most Senior member gets the first shot at working out of class. When you work out of class for at least two complete shifts you get paid.
    FF to Driver/Operator=$10,
    Driver/Operator to Lt. $10,
    Lt. to Capt. $15,
    Capt. to D. Chief $20.
    You get this for each shift you work out of class.

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    Lieutenant Gonzo
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    We do not have acting Lieutenant's pay, but we do have acting Captain's pay when a Lieutenant fills the Captain's slot. It is $2 per hour, so an LT. in an acting Captain's slot would be paid an additional $20 for a day tour and $28 for a night tour.

    Take care and stay safe...Lt. Gonzo

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    Lt Overmyer
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    Our depatment elected to create a new position, rather than trying to figure a different pay % everytime someone fills the seat.

    They created a sergeants position, the sergeant fills the station opening when a lieutenant or captain is on vacation or off sick.

    Works well and there is no question about FF to FF problems when orders are given out.

    Stay safe and stay low.

    Lt. Brett J Overmyer
    Carmel Fire Department
    Carmel, In

    This pay grade is some where in the vicinity of around $1300 more a year. Plus when apparatus go out, it gives a second officer to ride a second piece of equipment.

    This is my opinion and not the opinions of the Carmel Fire Department.

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    D. Anderson
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    We don't have the position of lieutenant, only captain.

    If you ride out of grade as a captain you would get first step captain's pay for that day, $131.39 for me because of the difference from the firefighter step I'm at right now. The senior firefighters make less and less the more time they have on.

    If there is a promotional list, the people on the list ride out of grade before people not on it regardless of seniority.

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    In the City of Bayonne, if you are in an acting capacity, you get paid the base rate of that rank.

    If Chief of Department goes on vacation,a lot of people get paid. A Deputy Chief acts and gets chief's money, a Battalion chief moves up and gets DC's pay, a Captain moves up and gets BC's pay, a lieutenant moves up and gets Captain's pay, and a firefighter moves up and gets Lt's pay.

    What a country.

    Take care and be safe,

    Kevin M. Fitzhenry, bfdt2@injersey.com
    Firefighter, Truck Co. 2
    City of Bayonne (NJ) FD

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