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    Question IAFF Wellness & Fitness

    I am looking for any information on the IAFF Wellness & Fitness. We (L-735) are trying to impliment it in our department, However some Goverment officials are trying to stop it, because of finances. Also some members are afraid of what may happen to older members. If anyone has any information i could use (financing, plans, Etc.) it would be a help.


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    Our dept. has binding arbitration, In our last contract the Arbitration award stated thet the city must implement this plan within the life of this contract. We are now
    3 months away from the contracts expiration date and to date, nothing has been done. This is totally due to the cost that would be incurred by the City. This program is excelent but does not give the employer what he wants, which is the right to fire F/F that
    they do not feel measures up. this contract negotiation should be interesting

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