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    Lt.Todd Guest

    Question Turn-out gear

    Iam interested in hearing what brand of turn-out gear you are using? I would also like to hear your opinons about it and what is good, or bad about your current gear.
    Thanks in advance

    Lt.Todd Edwards/AFD

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    benson911 Guest


    Morning Pride - Love it.

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    Lieutenant Gonzo Guest


    We have Cairns turnout gear made with P84 material. We have had no problems that I can think of other than the usual wear and tear.

    Our helmets are either Cairns 1010's or Bullards (the traditional looking ones, I cant think of the model name offhand)...the Department started getting the Bullards two years ago and they gave been distributed as replacements when the older ones have been damaged.

    We boldly go where no one else dares...
    take care and stay safe
    Lt. Gonzo

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    Ledbelly Guest


    I saw this post the other day and made a point to look while at work yesterday. I have Globe... but did see different sets of Lion and something else that was a Lion subsidiary. (??) Never realized that we were using several different brands; I guess that's the downside of municipal bids?

    I have had no problems with my set of Globes. The coat has a radio pocket (left chest), the pants have the thigh pockets. I like both of those features. We just recently went to yellow from black and am glad THAT happened, especially come summertime, though I even noticed that a few guys still had black pants... I think they're replacing them through "attrition".
    I'm not sure if my old set was a different brand... but this coat fits a lot more comfortably.

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    firedan69 Guest


    we use globe, and have only had one incident where it failed, and that is under suspicion that the guy was too close inthe first place. we use cairns 660 helmets, we do have some morning pride helmets that the chief bought as a money saving measure, but most of the guys prefer cairns.

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    Dave Grice Guest


    We use globe also. Haven't had any problems when it comes to the fireground. They work out real well for us.

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    Herb King Guest

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    We use Globe GX-7 units, they fit great and with the bellows arm yokes you have good manuevering. The only problem is if stored in direct sunlight the PBI material can break down. We had one set after three years was thin enought to push through with your finger. This unit had been in a turn out locker by the front door and in constant sun when stored.
    We had been using the Cairns 1000 helmets, most guys liked the traditional look and the rachet adjustment but the balance could be off depending on the shape of your head. We have been replacing them with Ben Franklins and they have been great. Good wear with the kevlar-fiberglass material and the fit is better while the weight is less than the cairns. We have been lucky in being able to help spec out our own gear and have input on manufactures and options such as pocket locations, types and size.

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    Chief Taylor Guest


    We currently use MORNING PRIDE.CAIRNS P-84, AND also starting to use GLOBE. Price and value along with Function is everything for us small depts.

    helmets are morning pride, but as replacements are necesary, going to Pheonix helmets.

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    9m18 Guest


    Lion Apparel/Janesville---love it! LIght, and it breathes. Ben Franklin helmet---the tupperware style. A little heavy, but not bad once you adjust the helmet liner for proper fit.

    Stay Safe.
    You asked for my opinion, now you have it. It's mine and mine only. Any similarity to another or purely coincidental.

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    FyredUp Guest


    We use Bristol Turn-out gear. It is the same spec as Boston FD used.

    The shell is Nomex Delta-T. It is very light, flexible, comfortable and seems to offer as good protection as anything else I have ever worn.

    The coat has to bellows pockets, a radio pocket, a flashlight strap for my xl-90 Survivor light, radio mike clip, hook for a pass alarm, and 2 pockets behind the storm flap for things you gotta keep dry, as well as an interior pocket. The pants have 2 bellows pockets, an elasticized waist, and the bottom 6 inches of the inside of the pants are neoprene to stop water wicking up the pants leg.

    Our guys love the stuff. The most common comment is that it is like putting on your old hunting jacket.

    We ran a field test of gear and then ran a guy through an obstacle course to test flexibility and comfort and hands down the Bristol won.

    And once again, I am not a fire equipment salesperson, manufacturer's rep or distributor. I am a firefighter and end user of the stuff.

    Take care,


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    mfgentili Guest

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    Using Bristol here also. Just like FyredUp says, so far everyone loves it. It's soft and comfortable right out of the box and remains that way. I've used it while lighting and "fluffing" training fires in the burn building. These fires get hot enough to melt helmets, shields, and SCBA facepieces but the only damage to the Bristol gear was some singed reflective striping. GREAT GEAR as far as I'm concerned and like FyredUp, I am just a user not a salesman. The only downside I found was the long time getting the gear. Some members waited 6 to 12 months for theirs to come in. I don't know if those delays have been corrected but I hope so.

    Mike Gentili
    New Bedford Fire Dept.

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    FF McDonald Guest

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    Morning Pride Coat and Pants

    Warrington PRO boots (w/ Nomex/Goretex Uppers)

    Cairns 1010 Helmet

    I hope to come into some money soon, and upgrade from the 1010 to a New Yorker -- but I am pleased with the 1010 so far, same holds true for the bunker gear as well -- I dealt with the factory directly -- they were more than helpful.

    I don't sell the stuff- I just use it. Very pleased with Morning Pride.


    The opinions presented here are my own, and not those of any organization that I belong to.

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    Lt. Chester Guest


    We use Morning Pride it is the best gear I have had in 10 yrs in the fire service

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    SantFire Guest


    I've been lucky 7yrs two departments and never wore anything but Morning Pride, I love it. Our department just bought new gear that wasn't M.P., the guys that have the new stuff hate it, to much heat gets through, I don't recall the brand name, sorry.

    Stay cool

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    cpthunt Guest


    We have been using Morning Pride coats and pants for the last eight years. There has been talk of going with a different brand because of costs, but so far the brass has listened to what the men have wanted. We have played the field with boots, helmets and gloves. We have used Cairns, Bullard and a couple of others that I cannot think of offhand, but now seem to be settling on Cairns 660's because of quality issues (too bad we cannot convince our chief to go w/ 1010's). We were using MP boots but have switched to Ranger Firewalkers- they were cheaper. Some of our people have difficulty with fit, and they wear out quickly. We are trying to convince the chief to purchase leather footwear. As far as gloves we have tried every brand around and they all stink. Does anyone know of a quality NFPA complient glove with a decent pricetag?

    Hope these comments have been helpful

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    NUMBY Guest

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    We use Janesville made by Lion Apparrel. It is PBI. Hard for me to compare it to anything else since it is all i have worn, use to have a set that was nomex, the PBI is much better, Lighter and seems to withstand the heat better. Ive had my current set almost 2 years and have not had any problems at all.

    Anything left in the forums is my opinion and does not reflect my department or any organization i belong to.

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    Aff Guest

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    We use Morning Pride and have had very good luck. We went to another brand for only 1 cycle (10 sets a cycle) do to cost, but returned to Morning Pride.
    Stay Safe...

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    fireater Guest


    We have used Janesville gear and have had no major problems to speak of, the one problem was a cuff ripped out and the replaced the whole coat. We also have some Quest sets that have been though a flashover and are still in use, since we dont have the money to replace it yet. We use the 660 and have a few 1010's and a couple Houston's these were bought by the user but we are starting to go with them

    Stay Safe and remember to put the wet stuff on the red stuff

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    jmatthe7 Guest


    In Mt. Pleasant, SC we use the new ISO-DRI with Kevlar and a Slick 2000 liner by Jannesville (Lion Apparel). I got pinned down in some serious heat right after being issued this stuff. It worked great! This gear keeps you dry and dry's itself in about an hour. No more wet gear in the middle of the night!
    We are buying the Cairns Philly style helmet. I'm not sure of the model number but the helmet has a smaller brim front and back. 5 year employees get a traditional helmet that they can keep after 7 years of service. It is a new traditional helmet from Lion. I like it better than the 1010. The lion helmet is much lighter and just as comfortable. One draw back. The Lion helmet doesn't have the break away impact cap. The Lion's impact cap is held in by the chinstrap attachment.

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    Dudley Guest


    Can anyone point me in the direction of a dealer of Bristol gear or the manufacturer itself?


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    FyredUp Guest


    Give me a day or so and I'll get that info for you. I have to work a 24 tomorrow otherwise I'd get it for you tomorrow.

    It's great stuff. We've been using it for 3 years and no complaints or problems with it yet.

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    Gill Guest


    The newer gear guys are being issued is Globe. I like it. the first set of gear made to fit ME. I reall like the paddes suspenders, velcro and zippers. The older guys who haven't been fitted for new gear yet are wearing Quest. It's PBI, just like the Globe. It's good also. I haven't hear anybody complain. As for helmets, we have Bullard...the tupperware type...don't know the model numbers.



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    MTFD51 Guest


    Our Dept is in transition to Jaynesville by Lion from Morning Pride. Personally I love this gear. I stay dryer and have noticed that you can take more heat than the guys with you wearing something else. Its ISo-DRY system repels the water great. I wear it at my full time job here and wear other gear at my part-time jobs. Jaynesville is great gear, and i wish I had it there too......


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    SCFAO Guest


    We use the Securetex gear and have had no problems with it.

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    S. J. KLOV Guest


    We use the Globe GX-7 gear and have no major complaints. The one spec I would look into is if your Truck Co. Have personal harness', then get gear that have velcro straps for them. Otherwise, it is hard to attach them to the gear without straps.

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