I'm wondering about other departments that may have a policy where promotion to Lt. or Capt. involves a transfer to another division. I've heard that Houston FD does this... driver's transferred to EMS for a time period when promoted, officer's to Investigation or Communication...? (I guess Sta2 and El Capitan will set me straight on that) and a friend I have with PWCo VA has just made Lt and been moved to Communications.
Anyone else have similiar policies?
How do they work?
Is the transfer for a predetermined time period?
Any suggestions how to start implementation of such a policy?

I'm curious on anyone's opinion on this also.

I would think that a larger department that may have more continual turnover/promotions would not have too much difficulty doing this. Our department is small to mid-sized, 176 personnel, and doesn't see as much turnover and so would in effect have to 'force' the issue... i.e. shake up everyone?

I'm asking because of the situation with our ARFF station at the airport. Right now, it's very nearly a dead-end position since once there, it's hard to get out. (It's not a very popular assignment) Of all assignments, I do recognize the need for continuity out there, but our department is getting 'younger' and the ARFF station/ARFF certification is pretty low on everyone's priority list; where once ARFF was the place to be your last 5 yrs or so... we have plenty of officer's that aren't ready to cash it in yet.

Looking forward to any info, ideas, suggestions, hints.

Thanks, Watch yer topknots,
Capn Lee